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Evolution: The NYTimes curates video showing how the president’s stance on gay marriage has moved 
The Economist has released its global circulation: 1.6 million digital & print readers a week 
Good morning! Facebook has launched its an app store of its own called “App Center” 
Revenge of the afternoon newspaper! 
“In a perverse way, the creativity of censorship evasion has made for a richer Chinese Internet.” 
Amid sales rumors, @TechCrunch gives a status update 
A look at why engagement with @OGlobo iPad app shot up from a daily average of 26 minutes to an incredible 77 
The creators of iPad app Punch! say it’s the anti-Buzzfeed, and could be a successor to Spy magazine 
Q&A with Chinese official on Al Jazeera reporter’s expulsion 
Brazil’s O Globo sees engagement skyrocket (like crazy) with a magazine-like iPad app 
Have you seen the new ad campaign from The @NYTimes? 
The Netherlands net neutrality law, a first among EU nations, is official 
On this date in 1754, Ben Franklin’s now-famous “Join or Die” cartoon was first published 
Google’s First Amendment scholar says government can’t tell search engines how to design results. 
Hi Boston journalists! Are you up for a smart, small-group chat about fair use on May 15? If so, email 
Is AOL looking to sell Engadget and TechCrunch? Silicon Valley reporter @sarahcuda thinks so 
Good morning! Files from one of the Toronto Star’s most famous former reporters: Ernest Hemingway 
Like Flipboard or Zite but a paywall, Ongo tried but failed to attract subscribers 
Readers may not be abandoning social reader apps, but publishers are adjusting expectations 
Chinese memes as slave songs of the South: “Hiding in plain sight” 
Boston journos: Want to join a smart, small-group conversation about fair use on May 11? Email for deets 
Poynter’s @mallarytenore goes deep analyzing the NYT’s new campaign to attract digital subscribers 
Our Q&A with @benhuh, the Cheezburger guy, about his latest project and the future of journalism 
The complete workflow of one iPad-toting writer 
RT @megangarber: Just talked to a rep at the Lincoln Library re: the supposed Facebook patent app. “It’s a complete hoax,” he said. 
Abraham Lincoln filed a patent for Facebook in 1845 
Ongo, a pan-media paywalled aggregator backed by major papers, is closing 
The Guardian: Facebook’s own changes caused a drop in our social reader numbers 
How @hwangjeanne turned her Pinterest profile into a resume (and got a job offer) 
Since Tumblrers fancy themselves curators, it makes sense Tumblr now has its own curation effort 
Chen Guangcheng has a posse: How memes circumvent Chinese censors 
Cheezburger’s @benhuh says news orgs should think like teenagers if they want to survive 
PSA: The Center for Public Integrity in D.C. needs a social-media manager via @NiemanLabFuego #jobs 
Good morning! The Atlantic’s new global biz site, Quartz, is already trying to data journalism on Twitter: @quartznews 
Lessons for the news industry from Super Mario (sort of) 
More than half of mobile phone users in the U.S. now have smartphones 
Milwaukee Police Department launches “The Source” website to correct media errors 
Nick Carr thinks he won the Carr-Benkler wager. Yochai Benkler explains why he doesn’t agree 
Does the news industry need a system that quantifies credibility? 
The comic-strip approach by @NPR that you wouldn’t have heard on-air 
“I’m surprised it meets with Politico’s standards. It surely would not meet with ours.” 
Super Mario, cub reporter: @jesseschell on what the news industry could learn from the game industry 
Why are kids’ e-book sales surging? Partly because adults are reading them 
Jeff Himmelman says the @WashingtonPost killed its profile of him 
On journalism survival: “Amp up storytelling and personality, because those things are irreplaceable.” 
Brokaw says the White House Correspondents dinner symbolically separates the press from the public 
ABC and Univision tentatively agree to create an English-language cable TV channel for Hispanics 
Good morning! As ‘60 Minutes’ gets younger, its viewers do too 
This Week in Review: Parliament hits Murdoch hard, and papers’ circulation is up (or down) 
Nikki Usher: “Who Needs Newspapers?” It’s fewer people than publishers seem to believe