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@niemanlab archives: January 2009

Prediction: the Newspaper Project ad running Monday (pdf) will do more harm than good because it’ll be mocked (ZMS) 
@jayrosen_nyu Also, their ad is misleading: more Americans read newspapers than watch the Super Bowl. Maybe, but more people watch TV. (ZMS) 
Pajamas Media conservative ad network reportedly closing (via @hc) – major right-wing blogger says he’ll be out of work 
Amusing: the FT alleges that Blackstone Group scammed the paper’s paywall If anyone can pay for news, Blackstone can (ZMS) 
PEJ tracking blogs & social media for news topics. Finds Kennedy had more legs online this wk, MSM did more on econ 
Our book club is reading “All the News That’s Fit to Sell,” an economist’s look at the market for news. Read with us! 
Interested to see what NYT folk (and everyone else) think about @LeonardWitt‘s plan for readers to buy the Times: (ZMS) 
Virgin America’s suit against Adrants blog will have legs, I think. Original post: (ZMS) 
Awesome 1981 TV report: “the new tele-paper won’t be much competition for the 20-cent street edition” (ZMS) 
@dankennedy_nu has internal GateHouse memo: skeptics of their commitment to sharing and linking “are dead wrong” (ZMS) 
Newspapers as non-profits gets nod from Yale’s endowment chief; NYT would require $5b to exist in perpetuity 
@acarvin Thanks for reading! I don’t think it’ll have any effect on the CC angle, except to leave “non-commercial” ambiguous (ZMS) 
@dankennedy_nu True, and this may just be NYT Co. spin. I should note Kempf said they’ve always respected “*technological* barriers” (ZMS) 
@dankennedy_nu Not to defend Globe, but GH tried to prevent Globe from copy/paste on site, while Globe was scraping from RSS feed (ZMS) 
@jayrosen_nyu Also says Globe has always respected barriers put up by sites that don’t want to be aggregated; calls it an ethical issue 
@jayrosen_nyu Kempf says purpose is to “allow user to get to valuable content.” Maybe that’s more spirit than ethic of the link. (ZMS) 
Bob Kempf, VP of product development for, on the phone re the GateHouse settlement. Any questions? (ZMS) 
GateHouse president and COO Kirk Davis: “What do you think, we’re stupid? Of course we like linking” 
Kirk Davis, president of GateHouse, said it would be OK for Globe blogger to quote from a GH article and link to it. Full post shortly (ZMS) 
@lisawilliams Davis says that search isn’t covered. “We have no problem with being captured by search” on Google or local sites (ZMS) 
On phone with GateHouse executive Kirk Davis. Any questions for him? (ZMS) 
This seems like big GateHouse victory, but word of caution: because it’s a settlement, there’s no precedent set for anyone else. 
Abbe Serphos of @nytimescomm says of our interpretation of settlement: “I think that’s pretty much right on” (ZMS) 
More confident now that settlement means Globe must stop aggregating in way they’ve been doing. We’ve got first read at 
Let me know if you can make heads or tails of the first bullet point in settlement (ZMS) 
“All headlines and ledes originally published by GateHouse” that have been republished by the Globe have to be removed by 3/1 
I want to be cautious here, but settlement appears to say that Globe’s Your Town sites will stop aggregating GateHouse content (ZMS) 
NYT Co. appears to have made significant and surprising concessions to GateHouse. Still reading/deciphering. (ZMS) 
Settlement agreement in GateHouse Media v. New York Times Co. just posted: Reading now (ZMS) 
RT @themediaisdying: GLOBALPOST announces syndication deals with NY DAILY NEWS and STAR-LEDGER for foreign reporting: 
Filing in GateHouse v. NYT Co. confirms case is settled, dismissed; 30-day window to reopen. Neither side calling me back. (ZMS) 
NYT Store had sales of $3m in Nov and Dec, says Times president. Hot products related to: Obama, Yankee Stadium, NY Giants (ZMS) 
My guess: very unlikely any details in GH v NYT will be released, so no guidance for other aggregators. (ZMS, tweeting on the T) 
Court officer says GH v NYT was settled this weekend; court notified Sunday afternoon. No documents filed yet. That’s all for now. (ZMS) 
@NYTimesComm Is there a statement in settlement with GateHouse? (ZMS) 
Settlement in GH v. NYT Co. was encouraged by Dan Kennedy & others as way for both parties to avoid wide-reaching ruling on links. (ZMS) 
No further info yet in GateHouse v. NYT Co. settlement. Making calls today. (ZMS) 
GateHouse v. New York Times Co. has been settled, court officials say. (ZMS) 
GateHouse v. NYT Co. is set for 9 a.m. I’ll be there. AP: Globe: Our coverage: (ZMS) 
Al Shaw, TPM’s associate publisher, explains the backend of new feature boxes (CSS3 and Movable Type) (ZMS) 
Tues was big for pageviews on, but @jonathanlandman says that Wed was even bigger — thanks to slideshows (ZMS) 
@CICM Yeah, it’s really awful for breaking news. Lawyers are allowed laptops, but pen & pad for everyone else. This is USDC in Boston (ZMS) 
I’ll be covering Monday’s trial in GateHouse v. NYT Co., but electronics aren’t allowed in courthouse, so no live Twittering, ugh. (ZMS) 
Columbia J-School webcast on “LinkedIn for Journalists” at 3:30 ET today #columbiaj (ZMS) 
Anyone interested in doing a mini-book review for the next Lab Book Club? Free copy of a great journalism book for your trouble. DM me. (JB) 
Local news: Harvard Square’s iconic Out of Town News kiosk to remain a newsstand. Someone willing to pay $140/sq-ft 
I’d pay $80/yr for Would you? Would 750k people? Blodget crunches the #’s (ZMS) 
More voices, more ideas: @mathewi @MartinLangeveld and @timwindsor are now blogging for us at 
“Yeah, I know: your CMS sucks, it won’t do anything, blahblahblah. We’re going to ride that excuse right into the grave.” 
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