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@niemanlab archives: February 2009

Unfortunate pre-roll ad on Guardian plane crash video 
More details from @jeffjarvis on NYT local blogging experiment CUNY collab includes business professors 
@vanityfairer I’d like to develop that thought (NYer’s edge in link economy) but don’t have much beyond anecdotal evidence. You? 
New app (in alpha release) collates tweets about NYT articles: Solves problem that links aren’t hashtags 
@robinsloan Oh wow. Google Grid was prescient. But here’s hoping the News Wars of 2010 will, in fact, include a few news orgs. 
Update to that pre-history of news media goes through 2015: Narrator is (via @nonvivant
48.1% of tweets are sent from web. In other words, most tweeting is done on apps that Twitter didn’t build. 
@donohoe Ah yes, you’re right. Rest assured, the Bushes are getting their Dallas Morning News 
Trippy video: a future history of media through 2014. Googlezon dominates, NYT is print-only (h/t @metaprinter
Paging the Dallas Morning News circ dept: Laura Bush says of civilian life, “It has been slow to get the DMN delivered.” 
For evening crowd, most clicked-on links today: Facebook metrics Rocky A1 Newsday 
Ahhh, makes sense: NYT collaboration with CUNY students on hyperlocal Brooklyn blog is a @jeffjarvis thing 
Knight Fdn CEO: “For the first time…the delivery of news & information is not happening in the same space as democracy” 
If @davewiner is right “that there will be thousands of Twitters, maybe millions,” then should news orgs start building? 
Great news! Sen. Lieberman is pushing to make PACER federal court documents free In meantime: 
@howardowens Exciting new gig! ( Does this mean you still work for GateHouse, you own the site, or what? 
Wish some would tweet their process (@susanorlean sort of does) RT @palafo: Who is Twittering at New Yorker? 
@thisbusymonster I agree competition breeds good journalism, but don’t think it’s always necessary. There was also a safety issue. 
$$ squeeze can lead to smart efficiencies: 3 Phoenix TV stations to share helicopter & flying reporters 
Who Killed the Rocky? “Scripps,” “Teh internets,” “It’s liberals, right?,” “No, just craigslist” (via @waxpancake
“How The Globe and Mail uses social media to engage its audience,” a slideshow and post by @mathewi 
E&P on NYT hyperlocals: one reporter as “anchor” for each blog will “lead the community in reporting” 
@mathewi Is it your sense that “there will be blood” is why story spread? Evidence that great quote can go a long way online? 
Never know what’ll go viral RT @mathewi: Q&A w Niall “there will be blood” Ferguson is Globe&Mail’s most-read story ever 
Interested in these NYT hyperlocal blogs but don’t know what to add. Let me know if you have questions/thoughts. 
Interesting that CUNY students contributing to NYT’s The Local will also meta-blog it to share “findings w educators and journalists.” 
NYT spokeswoman tells me that new blogs will be called, appropriately enough, The Local. 
NYT digital editor confirms local blogs plan. Selling ads to local merchants. Muses about revenue share w non-NYT bloggers 
For chs. 7-8 of our book club, lessons from popular searches & @TimWindsor on TV talking heads 
Useful data on US news consumption: print readership declines outpacing online growth (via @amonck
Hearst developing e-reader w larger screen than Kindle. Exec says, “These devices will be a big part of our future.” 
Newsday publisher: “Transforming…website into an enhanced, locally focused cable service.” Details TK. 
Avg Facebook user interacts with 5-7% of friends — more “broadcasting” than “networking.” i.e., It’s a news site. 
@cgorman Name & site still technically for sale, but Scripps CEO said, “Our goal is Rocky’s archives open to anybody.” 
The last Rocky: front page (“STOP THE PRESSES”), PDFs of special section, 20-min video 
NYT can’t really find anyone mad about Google News ads. Reuters exec given “pause for concern.” 
Scripps explored online-only Rocky Mountain News, reports @RMN_Newsroom. Dean Singleton, owner of Denver Post, had to but wouldn’t agree. 
The UK’s Audit Bureau of Circulations is now auditing web traffic for newspapers Will it happen in US? 
Newsday paywall news happened so fast that everyone but Reuters missed it. Only info on this is one passing sentence from exec at 10 am 
Very weird: Cablevision announced charging for Newsday in one sentence of long conf call; analysts didn’t ask about it 
I wrote a little about @RMN_Newsroom‘s realtime narrative of its final edition Twitter won’t save journalism, but… 
@RMN_Newsroom Thanks for the inside look at what I’m sure is a trying day. Could you tell us which reporter is sending out these tweets? 
Suggest following @RMN_Newsroom today for dramatic tweets of paper’s last edition (via @donohoe
Weekend reading: @Ctr4SocialMedia‘s report on Public Media 2.0 (pdf) Slideshow: 
At least 5 online-only news outlets have made Pulizter submissions under new rules, E&P reports redesign (in Drupal) aims to address predicament of news org that writes long weekly but updates daily. Does it work? 
Live video from the #WeMedia conference c/o @greglinch: Founder of cit-journ site AllVoices speaking now 
I do think the New Yorker has edge in link economy, though. People don’t tend quote the gist. They say, “Go read this in full.” 
A few Seattle P-I reporters think aggregation cedes authority “Sheesh. What’s next? Linking to the [Seattle] Times?” 
Claim that NYer has succeeded w/model of “Read for free, pay for print or stuff” is belied by Conde Nast’s $ troubles