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@niemanlab archives: April 2009

Our 40 most-recent links, ranked by popularity (And on the blog, we’ve started integrating tweets into the stream.) 
@digitaljournal We’ll fight them for it! Or just taunt @Newsweek with this image from their homepage: 
GoDaddy advises against buying .tv domain names because Tuvalu, the island that controls .tv, is sinking :( 
In Missoula, tweeting continues unabated in courtroom upstairs from where Twitter was banned 
New USA Today publisher: “There is paid digital content in some areas in the future for us” 
Montana judge just banned @NewWest reporter from tweeting a trial because witnesses were reading along (via @citmedialaw
Before the Times won a Pulitzer for its military analyst series, it won a FOIA complaint. Here’s the story 
Many of you think the Flip is a flop. Fair enough, but it’s great in a pinch. See the TV segment here: 
White House reporters @JakeTapper (ABC) and @JulieMason (Examiner) are asked if their tweeting = news. “No” 
@Vanderleun Haha, the pay is more than zero, in fact! It’s part-time. As Apple fans, we considered calling them nanointernships. 
Have you heard about our summer microinternships? The deadline to apply is a week from today 
Creative storytelling: @PoliticalMath effectively describes the scope of Obama’s budget cuts with pennies 
The Committee to Protect Journalists (@pressfreedom) names 10 worst countries to be a blogger 
New at the Lab: How The Globe and Mail used Cover It Live to report on a shooting, the NHL, and swine flu 
UNC’s student paper, The Daily Tar Heel, is seeking comments on its website redesign 
@A_L Hah, yeah, @Newsweek is another (slightly brighter background). I’m working on an avatar update, but #990000 is likely to survive. 
Every journalist’s favorite toy, the Flip cam, now sports an HD model that takes AA batteries. Mmmm… 
Good morning! Early data from Detroit indicates that cutting back home delivery hasn’t hurt readership 
The Supreme Court’s profanity ruling may end up boosting net neutrality (i.e., restriction-free Internet) 
NYT’s @JonathanLandman jokes re Twitter followers: “We’re kicking the ass of @PerezHilton and @AlGore 
The top query on Microsoft Live Search is… Google 
Stay safe down there! RT @deanbetz: No disrespect to Austin, but I’ll horn-toot’s swine flu channel 
As an experiment, The Austin American-Statesman booted up a standalone site with links to swine flu news 
If news sites were megafauna: Velocireporter (TPM), Linkodactyl (Drudge), Snark-Toothed Tiger (Gawker), etc 
New at the Lab: Data shows the Kindle skews old. Does that dampen hopes of a new revenue stream for news? 
Truly “ultimate guide” to building your portfolio site on WordPress: themes, tips, apps, examples, links 
A spate of news sites in Maplewood, NJ has turned the suburb into a hyperlocal petri dish 
General Mills has recruited 900 bloggers who — yikes — have to contact the company before a negative review 
The Guardian’s @arusbridger saw Huff Post’s model and thought, “Isn’t it better to do it to ourselves?” 
European mobile users trend ahead of the curve, so it’s worth noting what info they crave on their phones 
@timoreilly on reinventing the book: what if each page, like a blog post, could be read on its own? 
Good morning! Is that the defunct New York Sun peeking over the digital horizon? 
Seattle blogger wins $225,000 settlement over delay in releasing public records (via @citmedialaw & @rcfp) 
Much to be excited about in Kickstarter, a new platform for crowdfunding artists, *journalists,* others 
Well, this is awesome: Google Public Data visualizes local unemployment rates and census data 
Cold water on Twitter’s growth (via @msbeat): 60% of new users don’t return the following month 
Terrified of recording that audio slideshow? A voice coach offers breathing techniques for broadcast 
Google to sell premium ads against highly targeted search results for NYT and WaPo content — or something? 
What if newspapers answered reader questions in the style of a customer service line? 
Newspapers under 10,000 circ aren’t exactly making money, but their prospects are better than big papers 
Hunch: NY Post replaces all latinate words (“arrest”) with germanic ones (“nab”). I smell WordPress plugin! 
New video at the Lab: Media lawyer Rob Bertsche with important online copyright advice for news orgs 
Huge demand for *explanations* of swine flu and its symptoms. That’s what people are searching for 
@Irizaurus Yeah, I like the concept in Cedar Rapids, even if it’s not original, but execution and business model remain to be seen. 
The potential of an iPhone-esque “media pad” from Apple and Verizon has me a little giddy this morning 
Is this heaven? No, it’s the innovative newsroom reorganization at The Gazette in Cedar Rapids, Iowa 
Good morning! If URL-shortening services seem a little terse, try 
This tweet may contain forward-looking statements: The SEC is nervous about corporate Twitter accounts 
“Portfolio needed to make as many waves on the web as it did at Michael’s” 
A new feed in town: @googlenews is one item per hour, which seems like right pace, and links directly to source (via @carr2n