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@niemanlab archives: May 2009

Barbara Ehrenreich’s speech to j-school grads — “Welcome to the American working class” — hits the right note 
Psychologist @RichardWiseman to test for extrasensory perception using Twitter (That would be useful for newsgathering!) 
If we had a Sunday edition, it would include “First sketches of history” & “Reporters are like priests” 
Hooray! WSJ’s Rebecca Dana and Rich Turner, two of the best media scribes, are now blogging (via @alansmurray
WSJ piece leads with @poetcharles as example of homeless with homes online (via @mikenizza
@TeakMedia Looks like they want $1/mo out of 10% of visitors (or $10/mo out of 1%, etc.) That seems… optimistic, but I want to know more. 
@doingitwrong That’s the first time I’ve seen 88-91. Getting more details is on my agenda for next week, though. Thanks for asking. 
Steve Brill’s plan to charge for news: It’s the “88-91 formula,” and we’ll be hearing a lot about it 
Today on the Lab: Froomkin’s 5-point plan to reconnect with readers and my 4 points about pay walls 
“Barack Obama and Sonia Sotomayor are now friends.” Latest political news as told through Facebook 
Everything we’ve written about advertising (at Gawker, Talking Points Memo, NY Times, Time Inc., more) 
Welcome, everyone! (And thanks, @natives.) By way of introduction, my 40 most-recent links, ranked by popularity 
Here’s a data point: newsprint consumption among U.S. newspapers declined 30% in April from year prior 
@AlRoker‘s twitpic from jury room causes tempest in teapot 
NYT letters formula told here (“with a jab rather than a roundhouse…the efficiency of haiku”) sounds like a good tweet 
For #followfriday, old school meets new: @timestraveler (NYT headlines from 100 yrs ago) and @Boston_Police (like listening to the scanner) 
NAA meeting wasn’t secret, says attendee. “Asked about the specifics of what occurred…Golden declined to comment” 
The first Knight News Game Award (@G4C) goes to Play the News, a fascinating site. Sort of a real-life Risk 
New at the Lab: I can haz pay wallz? Four points about charging for news that are often overlooked 
The web may be rendering our notion of news sections obsolete. NYT developer @harrisj mulls it over 
New at the Lab: Dan Froomkin’s five-point plan on how to reconnect with readers 
@jayrosen_nyu I do think there’s a weird hostility that paints the debate in moral terms and also ignores that pay walls are still rare. 
Dow Jones, betting the Bloomberg terminal will go out of style, is revamping its data services for the web 
The growth in long-form video streaming on sites like Hulu is being driven by 35-49-year-olds, not teens 
Good morning! NBC News has great tweets at @InsideObamaWH as they film a day-in-the-life special at the White House today #followfriday 
Slate: “Does today’s hush-hush meeting of newspaper executives violate antitrust law?” 
@dan360man, the voice behind widely acclaimed @ColonelTribune, has been hired by PR firm Weber Shandwick 
“First rule of Newspaper Pay Wall Club…” Some great reaction tweets to our news about the NAA meeting 
Breaking: NAA confirms meeting of newspaper execs in Chicago but treads carefully because of antitrust laws 
Seeking funds for non-profit journalism? Foundation Center’s directory of grantmakers is free today (via @pndblog
Watching @ryansholin demo Publish2′s new tool for soliciting reader tips. Some info here: 
Analyzing shared vocab to graph relationships on Twitter (Confirms no one is quite like @THE_REAL_SHAQ
Technical but crucial: how to ensure that Google indexes your subscriber-only content 
10 cheap cameras that shoot HD video: a good overview if you’re in the market for one 
Early verdict: Microsoft’s new Bing beats Google at searches related to restaurants, travel, and shopping 
NYT, 5/28/1909: “Sen. Bailey Assaults Reporter; Angered by Article in New York Times, Throttles Man Who Did Not Write It” 
@GeorgeDearing Been meaning to try Evernote as a replacement for my current, haphazard system. Maybe today’s the day. Thanks. 
A few paperless tools for notetaking Do you have other favorites? 
@jny2 Seems not to work this morning, but this’ll normally do that for you: 
While news execs contemplate paid content in Chicago today, GigaOM has gone ahead and done it: $79/yr for extra analysis 
MediaNews Group’s customized-printing experiment begins in 25 Denver homes and a Marriott hotel next week 
Oooh, ahhh: Hands-on with Plastic Logic’s much-anticipated, touchscreen, large-format e-reader 
Good morning! Yahoo exec says readers click on local stories more than non-local by “orders of magnitude” 
Pulitzer-winning PolitiFact gets a new theme song But for a site that separates fact from fiction, why so much Auto-Tune? 
Playing around with new, embeddable Google Web Elements, which include Google News and YouTube news 
The Huffington Post, not yet profitable, names its first chief financial officer 
A topic page, of sorts, with links to great posts about topic pages on news sites 
Sotomayor would be first justice “with a history of precedent-setting rulings on cyber law issues” 
Tribune Co. is readying a news aggregator for Chicago, and @pottsmark can’t wait to see it 
New at the Lab: Gawker VP says sponsored posts will bring in majority of revenue one day