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@niemanlab archives: June 2009

As Vibe folds, Quincy Jones says he wants to buy back the magazine he founded. But: “I’m'a take it online” 
“Just because the journalism business is going to hell…doesn’t mean that journalism isn’t thriving” by @jackshafer 
“The Not-So-Hidden Politics of Class Online” Facebook, MySpace and privileged spaces online, by @zephoria 
New at the Lab: In a new era for sports journalism, news orgs battle leagues for more open access 
Instructive failure: Five lessons for building a hyperlocal news site — from one that’s shuttering tomorrow 
@MacDivaONA You’d have to look at expenses. Steady or slightly lower traffic with fewer staffers is net positive — financially, at least. 
New at the Lab: How ambient visual data can make news sites user-friendly 
Checking in with 11 newspapers that have gone online-only (It’s a useful list but too focused on traffic.) 
@roseg Haha, yes, I’m a person: @zseward I guess you’d prefer this feed be more… personal? I could do that! 
You won’t miss them — that’s the point — but 37 major news sites have rolled out those new ad units 
Good morning! Doing some work this week on memes and viral culture with respect to news. Got any links I should check out? Thanks. 
Very cool screensaver mashes up New York Times headlines and Flickr (via @donohoe
@sugarblum Glad you enjoyed it! You might like the stuff our colleagues do here: 
New series at the Lab: Whither sports journalism as leagues and players provide coverage of themselves? 
@mistersugar Thanks. Agreed that there could never be a code of ethics for all bloggers. Maybe among smaller groups of bloggers, though. 
@gwfrink3 That was just a quote from the piece, but I think you’re right that some sluggishness is OK as long as servers hold up. 
Ad networks to blame for sluggish performance of news sites as MJ news broke on Thursday (via @c4cm
Puerto Rico’s only English-language daily newspaper is a non-profit with a motley assortment of funders 
On the bar code’s 35th birthday, Mario Garcia ruminates on their place in newspaper design 
New at the Lab: Strategic bankruptcy might be the best way for some newspapers to end up in local hands 
“How can any system that doesn’t work precisely when people need it the most be considered the future of communications?” 
New at the Lab: Spot.Us, pioneer of crowdfunded journalism, plans expansion to other cities 
From 911 to TMZ to @CNNbrk to, how Michael Jackson’s death spread across the web (via @maryvale
Interview with Ezra Klein (American Prospect –> WaPo) and Ross Douthat (Atlantic –> NYT) on their moves 
AOL’s strategy: leanly staffed news sites focused on lucrative niches (Daily Finance, PoliticsDaily, etc.) 
Tools and tricks for citizen journalism by The Uptake Part of YouTube’s just-launched Reporters’ Center. 
Good morning! In a study of U.S. bloggers, a majority supported some kind of blogging ethics code 
“Video is not a blog.” Behind the redesign of Boing Boing Video, which features an unusually large player 
New at the Lab: A single link from Yahoo breaks traffic records at The New York Times 
News widgets, Twitter, web video, games: How Adobe is integrating Flash with your next TV 
On email news alerts: The only one I subscribe to pings me when Drudge puts up a siren It’s a great filter. 
@EthanZ tweeted, went to dinner, and returned to discover he was an expert on Michael Jackson and Twitter 
New at the Lab: How Stanford is revamping the Knight journalism fellowships to focus on innovation 
Yahoo is working on a “fluff-o-meter” to let readers choose how much entertainment and hard news they see 
Good morning! YouTube says mobile uploads to the site have increased 400% since the iPhone 3GS was released 
For book on new forms of storytelling, @nickbilton wants to track analytics “to see when people get bored” 
@stoicboy @mattmansfield Yeah, they could totally sell the tech if it succeeds. Kramer broaches that possibility at the end of the video. 
New at the Lab: In a very cool attempt to rethink classifieds, MinnPost tries “real-time advertising” 
Sanford saga generated 1.7m page views for The State yesterday But here’s why that doesn’t mean $$$ 
Landmark: Interactive media to overtake newspapers in U.S. ad spending next year (still trails TV, mags) 
Gov. Schwarzenegger encourages Californians to try balancing state budget with LA Times app 
CNN corroborates iReport material from Iran by comparing multiple videos of same event. Volume is an asset 
NYT Co. memo: “May came and went and, contrary to the prediction of one writer, we did not stop printing” 
New at the Lab: an open-source tool for pushing old stories to new media #knc09 
Good morning! Even the most devoted print newspaper readers spend 3.7 hours/day online, which is average 
LA Times videos are on “hiatus” for at least the next month while its staff builds a proprietary player 
Metrics and benchmarks are essential to online journalism. @MarkBriggs explains the why and how 
@doingitwrong His explanation may not be satisfactory, but see my interview with Brill here 
Thanks @perryhewitt @jbeeker @mathewi for your Bill Wasik questions I’ll definitely ask them. 
New at the Lab: Newsy art project seeks to link disparate communities with storefront video screens #knc09