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@niemanlab archives: August 2009

For the evening crowd: Steve Brill’s upped how many online readers he think will pay (from 5-10 to 10-15%) 
New at the Lab: Can newspapers survive revenue freefall (and some really scary-looking charts)? 
Mother Jones got a diff set of numbers on that $400K Katrina NYT story Our analysis: 
Austin Statesman (and @JohnBridges) using tool to gather reader photos Result: 
In June, Steve Brill told us 5-10% of newspaper web readers would pay. On CNN Sunday, it was 10-15% 
Good morning! Say hello to our newest blogger, C.W. Anderson, a.k.a. @chanders 
About that huge, wonderful, costly Katrina story: Is the Times selling it short by not providing a summary? 
How to make your eyes twinkle and other tips for shooting video of yourself on 
How expensive was this weekend’s NYT Magazine cover story? Very. We crunch the numbers and explain who paid 
Here’s a far-out idea that could support journalism in the public domain: $100 artistic freedom vouchers 
Authorities searched Google’s offices in Italy as part of a (bewildering) complaint by newspapers there 
@felixsalmon But think of the page views! 
@threewickets Well, I can’t say for sure, but the way that sentence is worded suggests they mean clickthroughts to external, not BBC, sites. 
Business Week measures user engagement: number of comments per piece of content. It’s up to 34. Goal is 100 
Good morning! After ramping up external links, BBC sees 10-12 million clickthroughs a month to other sites 
Zombies were the big story on blogs during last week’s summer doldrums (on Twitter: cocaine-laced currency) 
@laheadle Wow, that’s wonderful. Thanks a lot! 
A plug for handwritten copyediting marks over tracked changes and other digital solutions 
Micropayments and the power of free: a lesson in the pricing of an iPhone app 
This hashtag is sponsored: #gapstyletips — part of the GAP’s six-figure advertising deal with Perez Hilton 
A for-profit argument for the nonprofit news model: “serve the mission, not the bottom line” 
The Financial Times says you can’t email its articles 
For the Boston Globe’s 7-part series on Ted Kennedy, video is the dominant medium (Huge traffic yesterday.) 
Chicago’s most dedicated crime blogger is a 16-yr-old with a police scanner. “It’s something I need to do” 
As Howard Stern’s contract with Sirius expires, what are his options? “He could become his own medium” 
Good morning! 22% of U.S. teens on the web say they visit social-networking sites more than 10 times a day 
The pulp and paper industry launches a PR offensive claiming that newsprint is environmentally friendly 
If we have to live with CAPTCHAs, might as well make them ads? Get ready for: “Type product name” 
@CodyBrown Yes, and it’s definitely him. Fun to watch the tweets he favorites (I subscribe in RSS) become Gawker posts a few hours later. 
@ActsofFaithblog Hmm, good point. Looking for good data on racial diversity of online news orgs. Early signs are: just as bad as print. 
Women who tweet about online journalism? There are plenty, and here are 20 
@djfom Thanks! We’ll take a look. 
Did @AdrianHolovaty try selling EveryBlock to a newspaper? “The band is not planning to tour in Portugal” 
@A_L Haha, actually, no trees are killed in the consumption of my news. I bought that copy. My neighbor’s was on the doorstep, though. 
Sad day, but I was impressed the Globe’s Ted Kennedy obit made my doorstep Great stuff online, too. 
Gawker’s Nick Denton calls this post, which critiques remnant advertising, a “must-read for web publishers” 
Good morning! Online advertising is expected to grow 35% to 40% in the Middle East this year 
@joshsprague Wow, glad to hear it. Enjoy! And certainly feel free to let us know what you like, don’t like, and want to see more of. 
As membership models gain momentum, New York Times offers online courses with star columnists for $185 
Update on Google News “Interesting Reads” Google tells me it’s a test for “small % of users,” won’t say how stories picked 
As MSNBC puts much more video online, “the demand has shifted from the most popular videos to the tail” 
Good morning! API activity for National Public Radio nearly doubled between June and July, to over 6m calls 
@threewickets They did. Details of club being worked out, but could include exclusive access, events. Content, however, will still be free. 
Exclusive club seeks general manager. Must pamper guests, tend to grounds. Oh, and the club is The Guardian 
I’m joining @davewiner and @jayrosen_nyu on their weekly podcast. We’ll talk AP, more. Listen live: 
Google News has added a section: “Interesting Reads” I’m checking to see how the stories are determined. 
Good morning! Exciting day at Lippmann House: the new class of Nieman fellows has arrived. Here they are: 
Thanks for all the replies and retweets this week! Here are my 40 most-recent links ranked by your clicks 
@StarbucksMelody Hah, I don’t know where it’s from. We’ll have to ask @moultonian. Could be a nationwide trend. 
RT @moultonian: I am mostly kidding but does this newsstand not understand the link economy? :)