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@niemanlab archives: August 7, 2009

Josh Marshall’s first attempt at blogging (“Washington Memo”) rankled the bosses. That’s how TPM was born 
Long week, right? If you missed anything, here are my 40 most-recent links, ranked by your clicks 
@quirkyknitgirl For me, selecting civil union, commitment ceremony, or same-sex marriage changes bride, groom to 1st partner, 2nd partner 
New York Times wedding announcements marry the semantic web 
“Worst could be over!” A year after economy tanked, SmartMoney lets you @ReliveTheCrash with 2008 news 
@Mid0 Here you go: The story turns out to be from 2006, though. For some reason, it surfaced today on Google News and E&P. 
As @romenesko points out, that AP story about The Proctor (Minn.) Journal ran in 2006 Surfaced on Google News, E&P today. 
Where the New York Times graphics team finds inspiration: Google Finance, National Geographic, Edward Tufte 
Business model! Minnesota paper charging 5ยข a word for letters to the editor that endorse politicians 
Two philosophies for online video ads: as many as possible (CBS) or fewer but more expensive (Hulu) 
Good morning! After dropping the daily (43,000 circ), C.S. Monitor signs up 50,000 weekly subscribers