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@niemanlab archives: August 10, 2009

@jtemplon No, I hadn’t seen that. Interesting stuff. Thanks! 
Is Newsweek’s Jon Meacham on Twitter? “I’m not. I feel that if anyone wants to call me, I’m available” 
@ecadman Hmm, well, the question is really “who’s next?” Lots of small experiments already. But among the big ones? NYT Co. and Hearst. 
@BethWellington Appreciate it, Beth. I think we’ll ultimately find a good alternative. Maybe an opportunity to create something even better. 
@brianboyer As a nervous clicker, I agree. But interesting that they’re studying usage of the feature: managing editor on charging for content: “Who’s going to go first?…I don’t think it’s us” 
“This is only going one direction: there’s no trend toward ‘less’ data.” Q&A with designer Ben Fry 
@kenfisher Yeah, that’s a fair point. But on the other hand, it excludes a few of his other revenue streams. So a wild guess all around. 
We’re pleased to welcome @GinaMChen and @JimBarnett26 as bloggers on the Nieman Journalism Lab 
And in the new equivalent of a veteran journalist, Apple blogger John @Gruber is said to earn $125k/yr 
Good morning! In the new equivalent of a full-page newspaper ad, sponsoring Perez Hilton for a day costs $72k