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@niemanlab archives: August 11, 2009

Brief thoughts on the brief lifespans of brief URLs: what news sites can do 
@RoddyOr Yeah, seems like the chronological streams are better as an option or additional feature rather than the main interface. 
@ClaraJeffery Thanks, will try! I heart Mother Jones! 
@RoddyOr Interesting, thanks. You mean, it doesn’t work for you as a user? 
Recent news-stream experiments — Times Wire, BBC News Radar, — stress time over importance 
And related to @currybet‘s question, remember: It’s never the coffee that’s free 
A good question from @currybet: What’s more enticing from a local café — free newspapers or free WiFi? 
HSBC ad campaign recruits five prolific commenters from New York magazine’s website (concept > execution) 
@Chanders @charlesarthur @mathewi @marcelinnz If “exclusive content” is in addition to stuff currently produced, then… “pay summer home.” 
Re cheese and artisanal news, @brianboyer points to and @TakomaCubsFan asks key follow-up: how would it smell? 
@charlesarthur Yeah, sounds different. Can’t see @s_m_i‘s tweet, but I didn’t call it a paywall. Do you more about what’s being considered? 
If it’s good enough for cheese: What would artisanal news look like? 
Regarding the data on streaming TV shows, @ExBud notes that it’s half of *online* Americans ages 18-24, not all Americans. 
The Guardian is mulling a paid “members’ club” that might include exclusive content and events 
Good morning! Half of Americans ages 18-24 have streamed a full-length TV show online in the past 30 days