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@niemanlab archives: August 12, 2009

@wikisignpost I’ll expand on that tomorrow. Anything good been written about Wikipedia’s dominance in search results? 
And as always, keeping track of the Twitter reactions here: Thanks for all your responses! 
Good comments on our report of AP’s plans to hold back some web content from members — including from AP 
@ehelm Interesting question. Don’t know, but I’ll see if I can find out. Whole plan is work in progress, so AP’s answer is probably “maybe.” 
@Chanders Doesn’t entirely answer your question, but AP has told us previously that 2% of nat’l wire comes from members 
Exclusive: The AP, rethinking web syndication, plans to hold back some online content from member websites 
“We have a motivation and incentive to distribute our content broadly.” Why MSNBC lets you embed its video 
Regarding the emotional impact of baby-killer mug shots: Print 1, Internet 0 
The most popular times for watching online video are 12 pm – 3 pm and 11 pm – 1 am (via @mtdukes
Why the New York Times Co. might not be as quick to sell the Boston Globe as you’d think 
@LyndaSylvia @bmclaughlin Well, since you have to pay for access to much of, they may have lower traffic but higher revenue. 
Good morning! Top 10 print-media sites in U.S.: NY Times, USA Today, People, Washington Post, TV Guide…