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@niemanlab archives: August 14, 2009

Have a great weekend, everyone! Thanks to’s resurrection, here are my 40 most-recent links, ranked by clicks 
@MaryBrace Yeah, they’re both owned by Tribune Co. and were part of a company-wide redesign. Makes sense they’d reuse code, but still funny. 
@brianboyer @ckrewson Haha indeed! 
@imajes Yes, sure, and both recently redesigned. Wasn’t being critical. Just find it interesting. 
@madshrew And they were both recently remade as part of a company-wide redesign. Not a criticism. I just think it’s interesting. 
Geeks only: How similar are the LA Times and Chicago Tribune websites? Have a look at the code (HT @A_L
Clever, if true: Do news sites write about Google Doodles so their stories show up when the logo’s clicked? 
Before redesigning its site, NPR researched user behavior and expectations. Here’s what they found: 
Who, really, is The Associated Press accusing of copyright infringement? (final part of our series) 
Vancouver artist @blprnt creeps himself out by conducting investigative journalism on his Twitter stream 
Call it a best-of album: the most-frequently favorited tweet from 19 journalism-minded Twitter users 
C-SPAN has a big interview. Washington Post’s @EzraKlein, a big audience. So they’re throwing in together 
Linked today in a NYT memo: Twitter discussion of the “link economy” f/t @mathewi @TimObrienNYT @harrisj 
Good morning! Really dig this TIME cover from 1953: “Amateur Photography: Every man his own artist”