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@niemanlab archives: August 17, 2009

Update: @AdrianHolovaty says he talked to a “bunch of people” about acquiring EveryBlock, won’t say if any were newspapers 
CUNY’s verdict on non-profit news: It’s no reprieve from selling ads #focas09 
The making of NPR’s new iPhone application (Follow this blog! It’s endless insight.) 
New York Times vs. Wall Street Journal: the quietest newspaper war in America 
@CodyBrown FWIW, MinnPost CPM for ads served to local readers is $15, though that’s highest I’ve heard among local sites 
@greglinch @jeffjarvis @CodyBrown @mathewi Yes, and Knight News Challenge is open to for-profit ventures. I imagine Knight is thrilled. 
@greglinch @jeffjarvis @CodyBrown @mathewi @semmerson My read of @adrianholovaty‘s post is that code won’t be open-source going forward. 
MSNBC buys local data aggregator EveryBlock. @AdrianHolovaty says they’ll become “something much bigger” 
Catch “Mad Men” last night? From our archives: How the show’s ads keep you on the couch 
Diving into the just-released “New Business Models for News” report. Lots of data (It’s a @jeffjarvis project at CUNY.) 
Plugins are the scourge of news sites with custom media players. BBC demos the plugin-less future of HTML5 
NBC’s local news sites getting in touch with your emotions: New feature is aimed at audience engagement 
Cover of this weekend’s NY Times style magazine used a Flickr image. Photographer credits her use of tags 
Good morning! Overnight, the English-language Wikipedia published its three millionth article