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@niemanlab archives: August 19, 2009

@LisaSink Searching for cases without a docket number is a pain. And I guess, generally, I don’t think the government should charge for it. 
@ClaraJeffery @AndrewKroll So glad it’ll be put to use! is also really helpful. 
Sky News ran @Joe‘s crime-scene Twitpic. He asked for pay, launched a hashmob: #skypic. Now he’s getting £330 
If you ever tangle with the federal court system’s tortuous PACER database, this Firefox plugin is for you 
Newspaper ally to share sports content: Online, the rule is brief excerpts and a link back to source 
@rowlikeagirl Fine line between “distracting” and “attention-grabbing.” I don’t mind the BMW or Apple ads, but it’s a tricky balance. 
@ryanchittum @megangarber I think, like most media, news sites will push advertising to the limits of user tolerance. It didn’t bother me. 
While we’re on the topic, here’s the New York Times R&D Lab’s vision for the future of advertising 
BMW calls its takeover of NYT homepage “edgy.” Times calls it “unique.” User calls its “super-annoying” 
Quick video (2:25) to start your day: Why news sites are like pointing TV cameras at radio shows 
Good morning! 54% of Google’s most-popular search terms trend in predictable patterns. Other half? Call it news