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@niemanlab archives: August 20, 2009

@dankennedy_nu Higher prices, focus on profitable circulation, and lack of new subs (which is cannibalization). Remaining readers loyal. 
@dankennedy_nu Point taken, but evidence of cannibalizing current print readership is thin. Longterm, yes, but we agree: not the issue. 
Think giving it away on the web cannibalizes the print edition? @peterfeld offers a succinct rebuttal 
Silicon Alley Insider: “Go ahead, embed this post!” In comments, @hblodget says they might seek sponsors 
Before Photoshop: How the LA Times used to draw clothing on bare-chested celebrities. Hilarious 
Serendipity, you say? YouTube is trying to improve its recommendation engine to avoid “Van Halen fatigue” 
The Guardian, already the UK’s leader in database journalism, is making a smart “local data landgrab” 
@gwfrink3 Also more likely that *new* organizations will experiment with new models, rather than existing for-profits making the shift. 
What’s holding back the “low-profit” model for news? As with paid content, there’s a “you first” mentality 
Good morning! Bigger isn’t better: Study finds smaller online ads can be more effective than large banners