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@niemanlab archives: August 21, 2009

Thanks for all the replies and retweets this week! Here are my 40 most-recent links ranked by your clicks 
@StarbucksMelody Hah, I don’t know where it’s from. We’ll have to ask @moultonian. Could be a nationwide trend. 
RT @moultonian: I am mostly kidding but does this newsstand not understand the link economy? :) 
Barney Frank went viral: 1 million views in 4 days. Detailed stats shed light on how news videos spread 
@cattwitter Inorganic, yes, but also invisible to the naked eye, apparently. Cheers from Cambridge! 
@themediaisdying He is not, however, killing the news. The site’s traffic has plunged 
New term for me: “visual affordance.” LA Times, NPR websites chided for not distinguishing links in text 
Mind-bending and screen-bending: Invisible LEDs promise flexible, transparent displays (HT @nickbilton
Why did Newser’s readership fall off a cliff? A lesson that not all traffic is created equal 
Good morning! Average headline size among popular news sites is 25.6px, and sans-serif fonts are the norm