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@niemanlab archives: August 26, 2009

The pulp and paper industry launches a PR offensive claiming that newsprint is environmentally friendly 
If we have to live with CAPTCHAs, might as well make them ads? Get ready for: “Type product name” 
@CodyBrown Yes, and it’s definitely him. Fun to watch the tweets he favorites (I subscribe in RSS) become Gawker posts a few hours later. 
@ActsofFaithblog Hmm, good point. Looking for good data on racial diversity of online news orgs. Early signs are: just as bad as print. 
Women who tweet about online journalism? There are plenty, and here are 20 
@djfom Thanks! We’ll take a look. 
Did @AdrianHolovaty try selling EveryBlock to a newspaper? “The band is not planning to tour in Portugal” 
@A_L Haha, actually, no trees are killed in the consumption of my news. I bought that copy. My neighbor’s was on the doorstep, though. 
Sad day, but I was impressed the Globe’s Ted Kennedy obit made my doorstep Great stuff online, too. 
Gawker’s Nick Denton calls this post, which critiques remnant advertising, a “must-read for web publishers” 
Good morning! Online advertising is expected to grow 35% to 40% in the Middle East this year