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@niemanlab archives: August 27, 2009

Zombies were the big story on blogs during last week’s summer doldrums (on Twitter: cocaine-laced currency) 
@laheadle Wow, that’s wonderful. Thanks a lot! 
A plug for handwritten copyediting marks over tracked changes and other digital solutions 
Micropayments and the power of free: a lesson in the pricing of an iPhone app 
This hashtag is sponsored: #gapstyletips — part of the GAP’s six-figure advertising deal with Perez Hilton 
A for-profit argument for the nonprofit news model: “serve the mission, not the bottom line” 
The Financial Times says you can’t email its articles 
For the Boston Globe’s 7-part series on Ted Kennedy, video is the dominant medium (Huge traffic yesterday.) 
Chicago’s most dedicated crime blogger is a 16-yr-old with a police scanner. “It’s something I need to do” 
As Howard Stern’s contract with Sirius expires, what are his options? “He could become his own medium” 
Good morning! 22% of U.S. teens on the web say they visit social-networking sites more than 10 times a day