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@niemanlab archives: August 28, 2009

About that huge, wonderful, costly Katrina story: Is the Times selling it short by not providing a summary? 
How to make your eyes twinkle and other tips for shooting video of yourself on 
How expensive was this weekend’s NYT Magazine cover story? Very. We crunch the numbers and explain who paid 
Here’s a far-out idea that could support journalism in the public domain: $100 artistic freedom vouchers 
Authorities searched Google’s offices in Italy as part of a (bewildering) complaint by newspapers there 
@felixsalmon But think of the page views! 
@threewickets Well, I can’t say for sure, but the way that sentence is worded suggests they mean clickthroughts to external, not BBC, sites. 
Business Week measures user engagement: number of comments per piece of content. It’s up to 34. Goal is 100 
Good morning! After ramping up external links, BBC sees 10-12 million clickthroughs a month to other sites