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@niemanlab archives: September 2009

Going to #ONA09? Live in the Bay Area? Join us for a meet-up at the Hilton San Francisco, Friday at 6 
Huge infographics and keywords in blue: When an online design firm is asked to remake a print newspaper 
Those creaky, old printing presses sure look nicer with a touch of pink 
I’m a fan of Newsy, an intelligent aggregator of news videos. Today they’re releasing a free iPhone app 
Hopping a plane to San Francisco later for #ONA09. If you’re not as lucky, @MacDivaONA has you covered: 
Knight News Challenge applications aren’t all public this year. So far, a third have gone the private route 
@bigboxcar @lavrusik Haha, good point. So do you have libel insurance? 
@lavrusik Good question. I don’t know, but their closest peers (VoSD, New Haven Indy) do, so I’d bet your assumption is right. 
We asked 13 news startups if they have libel insurance. The answer was mostly “no,” even at Gawker Media 
N.B.: The Guardian’s @emilybell has called paywalls a “stupid idea,” but they’re charging for an iPhone app 
Business Week’s @JohnAByrne wonders if reporters should seek approval before quoting tweets, Facebook posts 
As UK elections approach, The Sun and the Labour Party are fighting a pitched battle… with Google AdWords 
BBC prepping a “radical relaunch” of its website with social media galore 
Good morning! Two-thirds of Americans oppose targeted online ads — more, once they find out how it’s done 
@romenesko Was @carr2n‘s post on ProPublica that you linked to taken down? 
@HuffPostGreen Looks like a cool project. Thanks for pointing it out. Definitely let us know how it goes. 
I’ve got a free day in San Francisco on Thursday before #ONA09. Anyone doing cool stuff with news whom I should seek out for a meeting? 
“I got my job through the New York Times.” How giving away his work was an artist’s path to profitability 
Why are journalists unique among the “truth-seeking professions” in separating themselves from the public? 
Bunch of advertising poo bahs talked luxury marketing over drinks. The host: Condé Nast? Nah, Gawker Media 
Information architecture nerds: How The Guardian structures its river of news (and river of obits, etc.) 
Five very cool projects on the frontier of text-based data analysis and visualization 
“Of course people will pay for content!” says Barry Diller, who owns scads of free news sites (HT @iwantmedia
Good morning! Last month, paidContent received more traffic from Twitter and Facebook than from Google 
Cop subpoenas Topix over anonymous commenters — if by subpoena, you mean words scribbled on paper 
@alexismadrigal Two case studies in Yahoo’s crazy referral power: (Wichita Eagle) (NY Times) 
Worth noting: For all the talk of Google News, Yahoo News has 30 million more uniques. Top 30 news sites: 
The Guardian has a smart-looking river of news (HT @currybet @megpickard
Fashion Week leads to a record month for online advertising revenue at New York magazine 
How an anonymous blogger with a paranoid streak became one of 2009′s most important financial journalists 
All the cool kids are in quadrant one of this chart: News leads all categories in mobile-app loyalty 
In Washington Post’s new social-media guidelines, @mathewi sees questions of transparency and objectivity 
@A_L Don’t know the thinking behind that but agree that it could use some more flexibility. 
Nifty prototype at the New York Times gets closer to @marissamayer‘s “hyperpersonalized news stream” 
With CPMs from ad networks “getting very close to zero,” Huffington Post is focusing on premium ad revenue 
Good morning! In newspaper newsrooms, 12% of staff spends majority of time on digital work (avg. age: 38) 
Thanks for a great week! Here are my 40 most-recent links, ranked by your clicks 
Print readers are happy and web readers won’t notice: Very interesting reasons for keeping a story offline 
@SeamusCondron Yeah, for sure. “Share This” lets you limit what’s offered, but lots of sites, of course, don’t take advantage of that. 
You can share Vanity Fair stories on Kaboodle, Plurk, and My NASA, but how much is too much social media? 
It’s a cheery bunch at the annual meeting of community newspaper publishers, and they’re not into paywalls 
Very cool but also very obtrusive ad on the New York Times website this morning. @pkafka‘s got the video: 
@edweekcraig Yes, all the suggestions are collected here: 
Thanks for your suggestions of journo-tweeters! Very helpful. Keeping track of your replies here: 
Starting a (2-hour!) class on Twitter for the Nieman fellows. We’re sharing examples of great journo-tweeters. Got suggestions? (And why?) 
The case of leaking moon water: How Twitter is undermining news embargoes (HT @JTownend
Good morning! It’s not just the web that’s growing as a medium for American news consumption. Radio, too 
To avoid subpoenas, Twitter will scrub new location metadata from tweets after 14 days (HT @citmedialaw
Number of Americans identifying themselves as journalists has (surprise!) held steady since 2004 
@djfom We don’t, but looks great. I’ll look for reports about it.