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@niemanlab archives: December 2009

Economist says journalists with expertise and reputation will fare well. Others? Not so much. 
Good morning! The average YouTube user watched 83 clips in October. That’s up from 53 the year prior. 
Note service Evernote reached 2 million users in half the time it took to get 1 million. 
Silicon Alley Insider suggests you check out original articles for “quotes and context.” Example: 
What’s it like to get 100 followers per hour? @anildash looks at life on Twitter’s suggested user list. 
Good morning! If you’re feeling retrospective, here’s a big collection of 2009′s “Media About Media.” 
Here’s a fun look at pre-launch iPhone prognostications “The AppleBerry”? 
Interesting idea for 2010: publishing orgs should buy mobile app development companies. 
With 138 million global visitors in Nov., Yahoo News is still the biggest news site no one talks about. 
The Onion A.V. Club uses paragraphs, numbers and lists to make long-form content palatable online. 
“Responsible communication” just became a very important phrase for Canadian journalists. 
Good morning! If you’re 30-39 years old, a Harris Poll says you’ll spend 18 hours online this week. 
Dec gets 45% of its traffic from search. That’s up from 20% in ’06, says @johnabyrne. 
The Journalism Shop, a News Challenge applicant, wants to keep veteran journalists in the game. 
.@jcstearns Texas Trib used Illustrator, After Effects and Final Cut Pro for Stump Interrupted. More here: 
It took 3 programs and “dozens” of hours for Texas Tribune to create this Stump Interrupted video: 
ESPN (No. 8) and CNN (No. 10) among the top 10 sites accessed via mobile phones in ’09. Google is No. 1. 
Readers average more than 23 minutes per month on the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s site. 
Good morning! Internet use among Latino adults rose 10% between ’06 and ’08, a new Pew study finds. 
A look at the bonds and blurred lines between news outlets, aid organizations and citizen journalists. 
How much is a blog worth? The once popular but now rarely updated just sold for $12k. 
News challenge hopeful Homicide Watch D.C. uses social media and reporting for victim-centric coverage. 
Coupon service Groupon is piggybacking on the sharing habits users honed on Facebook and Twitter. 
Reporting shaped MLB Network’s “pivotal moment” during Alex Rodriguez steroid story, says on-air analyst. 
It’s still early, but it looks like the move from free to paid didn’t hurt the Shazam iPhone app. 
Good morning! Geographic ad targeting is only used by 51% of web publishers. 
Have a great weekend! Here are our 40 most-recent links ranked by your clicks 
Looks like is having problems. Here’s a different link for the News Challenge story: 
Final News Challenge numbers: 2,489 applications. 65% were submitted through the closed category. 
It’s interesting to watch Twitter’s unintended transformations, like its API becoming a de facto standard. 
This panorama gives’s Big Picture a run for its money: via @techcrunch 
News Challenge applicant 101 Source wants to take Q&A to a new level. 
Something to watch: The Netflix Prize could be a precursor to a looming data vs. privacy battle. 
Good morning! More than 75% of House Beautiful magazine subscriptions are sold online. 
A fascinating look at the hidden language of menus. Could be a great interactive feature 
A study finds around 70% of newspaper Twitter feeds are updated manually. via @chanders 
We’re rounding up interesting News Challenge proposals this week. Share yours here: 
Better aggregation through geography: News Challenge applicant FollowIndy keeps its eye on Indianapolis. 
Time-lapse videos show the flow of traffic to on the day of Michael Jackson’s death 
Online music service Pandora is adding 600,000 new registered users per week. And it’s making money. 
Is “top and to the left” the new “above the fold”? Google’s Browser Size tool suggests that’s the case. 
Good morning! A Facebook study finds 11% of U.S. users are African-American, 9% are Latino, 6% are Asian. 
Did you submit a News Challenge proposal? Tell us about it in the comments here: 
@nhadtwit hmm, just worked for me. Sometimes it’s a little screwy. 
Looks like the New York Times’ new URL shortener ( is rolling out in staff tweets: 
NewsGraf has a big hairy audacious goal: show connections between newsmakers in a format anyone can use. 
Cartoonist associations are expanding membership boundaries to counter print’s contraction. 
Email is the most used sharing tool (46%), according to makers of the ShareThis button. /via @NAA_Community 
@gabosama Not yet. Hoping to get details on that very soon, though.