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@niemanlab archives: January 2010

Journalism startups should “go pure mobile” Geek squad founder says. Worry about a computer application later 
Young readers wish the Kindle had photos, color and a touchscreen. If only that product existed… 
Time Warner Cable plans to deliver localized interactive ads to 7 million homes this year 
AOL’s Seed shepherds a citizen journo project for Spinner: 6 weeks, 2,000 SXSW band profiles, $50 per item 
It’s been a big news week for the future of news: iPad, NYT paywall, Newsday 35. Mark Coddington sums it up 
Hoping for an iTunes effect on print media, president of Conde Nast Digital calls iPad a “game-changer” 
Good Morning! Online ad spending expected to rise 8.9% in 2010. Newspaper ads to drop 5%, magazines 3% 
Web marketer says Facebook is hitting “tech lock in,” better known as “worldwide domination” 
Google exec says NYT paywall won’t make money: “It’s too easy to bypass” 
Bloomberg may launch a $100 million site on the intersection of biz and politics, employing 40-50 
Bono’s private equity firm will invest up to $100 million in Yelp, home to 9 million user-generated reviews 
Publisher XXL aims to cash in on rising ad revenue in women’s magazines 
Hunting for new revenue stream, WSJ to launch travel service 
From consumer behavior to ads: Five ways the iPad will (or won’t) change the game for journalism: 
Good morning! Postal subsidies once saved journalism $2 billion a year (in 2009 dollars), today: $288 million 
Study shows U.S. journalism has always benefited from gov’t subsidies. Recently, support has plummeted. 
Got a question for Obama? CitizenTube makes SOTU interactive 
McClatchy CEO hints at a paywall 
In a move to avoid regulation, ad industry agrees to a new privacy icon 
iPad: $499 starting price. Discuss at the Lab’s liveblog 
Sorry for the churning, our liveblog tool, coveritlive, is experiencing some technical difficulties. We’re waiting it out. 
Reminder: Josh Benton will host an Apple announcmeent liveblog with special guests at 1 pm EST. 
Join us at 1pm EST for liveblogging of Apple’s tablet unveiling. What will it mean for journalism? 
Good Morning! On Apple tablet day, remember magazines, you got a third, $5.6 million, of iphone’s launch budget 
Newsday paywall update: 3 months later, 35 subscribers 
Deadline for Taylor Award for “fairness” in reporting is coming up. Grand prize: $10K 
There’s a click, and then there’s a click. Point system hopes to measure full “value” of online marketing 
Printers of Sports Illustrated, Newsweek, Rolling Stone expected to merge 
Will NYT profit from its paywall? Could you turn your tumblr into a cash cow? Play Paywall to find out! 
Good morning! Click a broken link yesterday? My fault. I’m @lkmcgann, it’s my 2nd day at the Lab. Excited! 
Twitter smokes all other Internet startups in pocketing “paralyzed” venture capital in ’09 
Swimming upstream, nonprofit @MinnPost ad sales rise 35% in 2009 
At least three days running for Facebook privacy story as NYT “most emailed”: 
Did a story make a splash? 76% of journos use traffic stats when deciding: 
TV stations “salivating” over predicted $300 million boost in ad sales thanks to campaign finance decision: 
Google is now accepting your simple and structured questions. 
Coke bought ad space on external websites to drive people to its Facebook app. 
A for-profit advocate is now the EIC of the nonprofit Bay Area News Project. Here’s what that might mean. 
The week in review: the NY Times’ meter, tablet talk gets loud, MediaNews bankruptcy, and a lot more. 
Staffers at the Bay Area News Project will include reporters (as you’d expect) and community managers. 
Good morning! GQ’s Dec. and Jan. iPhone apps netted around $40,000 combined. 
@JennBeckett Well played! (Working on getting back online btw … sorry for the delay!) 
Does mainstream media have a future? @jimbarnett26 looks at that and other questions asked by the FCC. 
Facebook, Twitter and blogs accounted for 6.46% of’s Dec. ’09 traffic, reports @venturebeat. 
Is Apple mulling its own search technology? The idea pops up in this BusinessWeek piece: 
In a notable shift, Amazon is letting ebook publishers manage their own digital rights management. 
The Guardian’s site gets around 100k searches per weekday. @CurryBet shows how they put that data to use. 
Mediaite plans to apply its Power Grid (e.g. to the geek sector. 
Good morning! It’s a good time to be a music lover. Nearly 400 services offer 11 million tracks. (PDF) 
Ars Technica wiped out excerpts in its redesign. Article text now appears higher on the page.