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@niemanlab archives: February 2010

FT reports the AP prepares to charge for content on iPad 
In hopes of generating revenue for its members, AP forms a division to create products for new platforms 
Borrowing from Google, Twitter ads will appear in searches, keeping a 140-character format 
What makes a nonprofit news outlet legit? Jim Barnett starts with 13 criteria 
A retroactive ban on racy iPhone apps should give publishers pause before handing over the reins of news to Apple 
This week in review: NYT blogs will hide behind the wall, a word of caution for news orgs with high iPad hopes 
Good morning! Check out the inbox of an accidental Facebook voyeur (and Lab alum @zseward) 
The Internet is rapidly going mobile: smart phone Web requests up 32% since July 2009 
Iceland Update: Proposal to make Iceland an international investigative reporting haven advances in parliament 
Newspaper sites are the top pick for local info in a recent comScore study. “Portals” slide in a very close second 
Newsonomics of profit: in the 4th quarter, Gannett, the largest U.S. news chain, pulled in just 7% of Google’s profit 
Predicting users will pay for quality content, Boxee launches a payment platform for Internet content on TV 
What does the Google/China hacker story tell us about how news spreads? 
What does the Google/China hacker story tell us about how news is created and spreads? 
What does the China/Google hacker story tell us about how news moves? 
What’s the market for the iPad? One in six iPhone users is interested in buying one 
Good morning! Tivo may launch new product that pulls YouTube, Netflix content alongside TV listings 
Quantcast launches an advertising program, letting advertisers find the users they want across the Internet 
Yelp hit with class-action extortion suit over strong arming businesses that want negative reviews removed 
According to AddThis, sharing through Google Reader is up 35% since launch of Buzz 
In a sharp turnaround, online display advertising grew 13% in the fourth quarter for the Washington Post 
Of the 121 versions of the Google/China hacking case story, 13 (11%) included some original reporting 
Good morning! Yahoo announces partnership with Twitter. Plan will let users post and read tweets without leaving Yahoo 
One year later, the Union-Bulletin in Washington’s Walla Walla Valley cautiously calls its paywall a success 
Hope for online video ads: TubeMogul says 84% of users will watch a full 30-second pre-roll ad 
Nielsen finds that 7% of UK Twitter users account for 80% of total time spent on the social network 
The Batavian’s publisher says “online advertising works,” but the way a typical newspaper site handles it doesn’t 
Twitter preps ad platform for next month. Ads will be “relevant and useful, so the user doesn’t think of it as an ad” 
News startup wants your labor, not just your money, as part of a new redesign 
Mobile ads could jump from half million to $530 billion by 2013. McDonald’s, BMW, Nike already launched campaigns 
Nielsen finds, year-over-year, U.S. users spent 368% more time on Twitter, 200% more on Facebook 
Pay per view: Associated Content pays contributors between $1 and $2.50 per 1,000 pageviews scooped up by Morningstar, but solo investor says Web is no sure bet 
Church of Scientology hires 60 Minutes vet, Pulitzer prize winner to investigate St. Petersburg Times 
Good morning! One in three customers who bought a Rodale workout iPhone app made additional purchases inside it 
Congratulations, Raquel Rutledge! She won the Worth Bingham Prize for her watchdog series “Cashing in on Kids” 
Reuters CEO says the site (drawing 30 million monthly uniques) will add “paid services” in 2010 
Mixed media book publisher, Vook, which integrates social media and video with text, gets $2.5 million in seed funding 
Pew asks Internet experts: Is Google making us stupid? 81% say the net will have made us smarter by 2020 
Check-in on AP’s nonprofit distribution pilot: It’s been 6 months, ProPublica, CPI say few stories picked up 
Study looks at publishers online money-making efforts, ie: WaPo’s point system creates strong base for a paywall 
This week in news: unveiling of iPad news apps begins, plagiarism migrates online, citizen journo picks up a Polk 
This week in news: unveiling of iPad news apps begins, plagiarism migrates online, citizen journo picks up a Polk 
Good morning! Early win for Apple: CBS plans price cut for shows on iTunes. Will publishers bend for iPad? 
Startup news site Oakland Local saw traffic increase last month after posting more local items 
FT tightens a paywall loophole, announcing a new limit on free stories readers can view via Google to five per day 
Designer for Bonnier skeptical of “metaphorical page turning” for iPad. Successful digital content uses scrolling 
Ken Doctor’s Newsonomics: “The goal of business…is not to support news media, but to find paying customers.” 
@MarianGibbon yes, i wish there was a way to edit sent tweets! 
Nearly a third of Americans aren’t online. 41% of dial-up users site cost as reason they’re not on broadband