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@niemanlab archives: April 5, 2010

AP is creating four regional investigative teams to serve as resources for AP journos nationwide 
“It’s like swimming in the river of news only to find it ends not at a lake but in a parking lot.” 
Early data shows iPads are not as easy as iPhones to use at your desk 
Print still reigns: only 4.5% of newspaper pageviews happened online between June 2009-Feb 2010 
TPM traffic soared 79% in March over last year, @joshtpm credits an expanded reporting team, social media strategy 
Google picks up online video platform Episodic 
Three iPad design choices that will influence how we read news online 
“Mr Jobs ushered in the personal computer era and now he is trying to usher it out”: @zittrain on the iPad 
.@jenny8lee is live-tweeting a Wikileaks presser re: video they have of US military firing on a Reuters news van (via @mathewi
WaPo, following Gawker, plans to implement tiered comment system (via @romenesko) 
Very very early iPad trend: big media companies doing well in free app section, not so much in paid 
Good morning! Has the FT unlocked the secret to profitability with higher cover prices, subscriptions and pay walls?