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@niemanlab archives: April 2010

If you’re interested in web design and/or info architecture, don’t miss this series (via @ryansholin) 
Good morning! Check out the WaPo politics page new look 
Harvard Biz School study finds that companies with angel investment do better than those with venture capital alone 
NYT multimedia editor discovers perfect iPad stand, get it while it’s still $0.69 
Check out @NiemanLab‘s director, Josh Benton, give a terrific lecture on journalism and aggregation (via @jcstearns
Huffington Post readers posted 2.3 million comments in March. The site is planning more engagement tactics 
WSJ will continue to turn a profit through the next year, despite new investments 
How a former UPI energy editor turned his Iraq hobby blog into a money-making enterprise 
List of top 25 electronic newspaper editions released. WSJ takes top slot, interesting mix follows 
Christian Science Monitor brought 93% of its daily subscribers to its new weekly, has attracted new online readers 
Good morning! Barnes and Noble tries to give the Nook a shot, adds a web browser, lets users play games 
After a trip through bankruptcy court, The Washington Blade to resume publishing 
Leveraging strengths: collaboration as buzzword and bumpy road 
Tribune’s local blogger project in Chicago has already found an audience, with 15 million pageviews in March 
The 5 lowest income states have the greatest broadband competition, the 5 highest income states have the least 
Re-intermediating the Web: a chat with La Republica’s Zambardino about Italy’s online news culture 
NYT looks for possible content agreements with local papers, as it prepares for clash with WSJ over local edition 
Not interested in letting Pandora see your music tastes? Mashable walks you through new Facebook privacy settings 
Good morning! Gizmodo’s big iPhone scoop looks to have turned into a criminal investigation, Cnet reports 
The Faster Times takes a page from “chose your own adventure” books, lets readers guide reporters 
WaPo’s managing editor responds to concerns about Facebook integration and privacy. “We don’t keep any of this data” 
In Paris love is is in the air, but is a business model? Jeff Israely on the challenges of launching a startup 
Top ten YouTube videos about women in tech, from Flickr cofounder to a computer science college student 
This week in review: Facebook spreads across the Web, Apple lets cartoonist into iTunes, hunt for funding continues 
Nick Denton of Gawker media says the Gizmodo iPhone blockbuster drew “no immediate revenue benefits whatsoever” 
Good morning! Facebook is getting smarter. Could that be bad for Google? 
The name of a new local DC news site owned by Politico’s parent co is no longer TBD, it is “TBD” 
Conde Nast now offers creative services for ads that will appear beyond its properties 
Apple files for patent on display technology that could be boon for designers and photographers who work in print 
Hulu’s paid experiment to begin in May: last 5 episodes of awesome shows like Glee still free, $9.95 for more 
The Newsonomics of HuffPo’s pinball wizardry: six tips to take from HuffPo’s success 
Will I “like” this become ubiquitous? Facebook plugin makes it easier to share information across the Web 
Bloomberg Businessweek will have 66 news pages, up from 55 and a revamped, Economist-style look 
Good morning! Clay Shirky’s thoughts on waste, powerful institutions and infinite time horizons 
Washington Post integrates Facebook Connect, lets you tell your friends you “like” David Broder 
Zagat was “crowd sourcing” before it was cool 
The future of online news…does not include much sleep. A neat look at Mike Allen’s life as “News Cycle Man” 
Good news for online advertisers: when social ads collide with stated interests, awareness goes up 
Calmness, curation, cat porn: Dave Eggers’ joy of print 
Gizmodo’s posts on the new iPhone prototype drew 8 million unique visitors to the site 
Apple approves Pulitzer winner Mark Fiore’s iPhone app; cartoonist now free to mock the powerful on cell phones 
See an error in a story online somewhere? Let MediaBugs know and they’ll work on getting it corrected 
“The team concluded that online news consumption is not so segregated as critics fear.” 
Indonesia has 3rd-highest number of Facebook-ers in the world (after US, Britain), with 22.7 million users 
Internet usage in Russia increased 20% in 2009, mostly due to higher user activity in the country’s regions 
Internet usage in Russia increased 20% in 2009, mostly due to higher user activity in the country’s regions 
“Introducing Google Places”: Google amps up its Place Pages to help biz owners manage their online presence 
There are more than 2,500 documented programming languages; here’s a neat visual history of a fraction of them 
“Revenue promiscuity”: The many ways in-depth, investigative reporting will be funded (hopefully) in the future 
Live-tweet guru @acarvin is on the job at the #140conf today; follow him for great tidbits. The livestream: