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@niemanlab archives: April 2010

Per one estimate, digital textbooks will account for nearly 20% of all textbook sales within the next 5 years 
Per one estimate, digital textbooks will account for nearly 20% of all textbook sales within the next 5 years 
Good morning! Starting tomorrow, AdAge will shift to a metered pay model 
Amazon exec: “In a lot of respects, teaching a customer to pay ten dollars for a digital book is a great accomplishment.” 
NPR’s API has handled nearly 5 billion story requests over last 6 months; in March, it delivered over 1.1 billion stories 
The WePad takes on the iPad with the support of European publishers 
Congrats to @niemanlab staffers present + past @megangarber and @zseward for being Mirror Award finalists 
Update on @ProPublica‘s Reporting Matchmaker service ( It’s now connected 140 sources to journalists 
If WSJ’s New York edition is successful, Murdoch and co. are poised to expand the concept into other areas of the country 
Video: Vivian Schiller on NPR’s new Public Media Platform, the Argo project, and the org’s reporting priorities 
Carbon…twitprint? Per one estimate, every tweet emits about 0.02 grams of C02 into the atmosphere (via @mathewi) 
CNN integrates programming content into ads to retain viewers during commercial breaks 
Aol opens beta testing for’s “Ad Desk,” a self-serve display sales option 
Say hello to Climate Desk, a collaboration among @Atlantic_Online @CIRonline @grist @motherjones @PBS @slate @wired 
HuffPost launches HuffPost Hill, “a one stop shop newsletter for all things DC” 
If he had the Pentagon Papers today, Ellsberg wouldn’t send them to the press; he’d “put them on the Internet” 
Norwegian paper starts Craigslist-like site to facilitate ride-sharing for stranded travelers (via @jeffjarvis) 
Good morning! Rolling Stone re-launches its website…with a paywall 
Steve Jobs responds to Pulitzer Prize winner Mark Fiore’s cartoon app rejection: “This was a mistake that’s being fixed” 
“Although style listings are not an ‘American Idol’ popularity vote, it is important to us to listen to our readers.” 
Great take from @niemanstory: “If you can pair up efficiently with someone, it can work to everyone’s advantage.” 
Responding to reader input, AP Stylebook (the real one!) officially changes “Web site” to “website” 
Satire police update: Apple to reconsider keeping Mark Fiore’s cartoon app off the iPhone 
Google tips its servers: a visualization of the search giant’s ginormousness (via @Gizmodo) 
A small move with big implications: Google’s auto-suggest feature becomes more local 
“This is about journalism integrity”: @dangillmor reacts to our Apple app rejection story 
Yesterday, @c4fcm hosted “Civics in Difficult Places,” a global call-in show with @ethanz. The podcast: 
The Library of Congress doesn’t know if you’ll be able to opt out of its Twitter archive 
This Week in Review: News talk and tips at ASNE, iPad’s ‘walled garden,’ and news execs look for revenue 
The future of news, Hilarious Puppet edition 
Coming soon to a website near you: CAPTCHA advertising (via @simonowens) 
The Economist launches tool to highlight its site’s most commented and debated content 
“I believe all software is media and will be seen as such by its users.” (h/t @jasonfry) 
Someone tweets a link to a New York Times story once every 4 seconds: @harrisj explains beyond the stat 
Curation 2.0: The Newsonomics of content arbitrage 
Salon and McSweeney’s launch a new content partnership 
Great context for @lkmcgann‘s Apple app-police story @NiemanReports on editorial cartoons 
Only 20% of TV newsrooms have Facebook pages, but 71% use Twitter “constantly” or “daily” (via @poynter) 
Twitter now has 105,779,710 registered users 
Mark Fiore can win a Pulitzer Prize, but he can’t get his cartoons past the Apple satire police 
The danger of timing tweets revealed: sorry I missed all the feedback. Ericsson CEO predicts 50 billion devices by 2020, not 2010! 
Ericsson CEO predicts 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2010 
Can you put a price on a Facebook fan? Sure, try $3.60 
Nieman Lab to be featured in the Library of Congress! (And everyone else who tweeted anything, ever) 
“Intensely engaged followers,” MinnPost editor Joel Kramer cares more about repeat readers that stray visitors 
Allbritton’s local site needs a name, launch date, reporters, but “engagement” team is almost fully in place 
Good morning! @readwriteweb picks its top 10 YouTube videos about how Twitter has changed our culture 
From Treme to the 9/11 Commission Report: index as story 
Mobile Web will be bigger than desktop browsing by 2015, Morgan Stanley analysts predict 
CNN to launch new entertainment and tech sections, plus blogs on Afghanistan, religion, food and breaking news