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@niemanlab archives: May 2010

The newsonomics of wilting flowers 
Personal information, control, sharing and Zuckerberg’s law 
How do you set a pricepoint for your iPhone app? One magazine cooks up a test 
How memes move, heart-beat like, through the Web 
Launching a site? Five tips to a successful start 
It’s been a busy week. Fortunately, we have @markcoddington to fill us in 
Nice infographic: the rise of geo-targeting and location-based services 
…and weekend viewing: Can student engagement be increased through social media? 
Great weekend reading from @niemanstory: what can university magazines offer narrative journalists? 
.@ryansholin on @publish2‘s News Exchange: “We did not set out to kill the Associated Press” 
Foursquare is nearing 1 million checkins a day 
RT @lfmccullough: RT @AP: Gary Coleman suffered an intracranial hemorrhage and is unconscious and on life support, his family said: http … 
Per one exit poll at a London Apple store, 92% of those queuing for iPads were male 
“A short, evil rundown of how @iA sees the new WIRED app” (hint: “it’s the Nineties all over again”) 
Zuckerberg on NPR: Facebook’s about “friends and community”—so the “default” has been skewed toward sharing info 
Google is hiring Wall Street vets to manage its $26.5 billion in cash for possible use in acquisitions (via @iwantmedia) 
This Week in Review: Facebook changes its privacy policy, competition for the AP, and more 
Good morning! At Tokyo’s flagship Apple Store, 1,200 people lined up to buy iPads in the international launch 
Got a hot video? Act fast to promote it. Most YouTube videos get half their pageviews in the first 6 days 
“There are experiments designed to explore possible successes, and experiments designed to confirm probable failures” 
Great use of a tweet RT @jennamcjenna: ppl who’ve been nice to me today: @kmakice carried my backpack, @briggzay held doors…. 
How can we lend structure to serendipity? 
Pakistan lifts YouTube ban, but keeps Facebook and other sites blocked due to “blasphemous” content 
Closed vs. open: How the Times of London and the Times in New York diverge on paid content 
Newsweek’s new site design tries to fight information overload with “simplicity and clarity” 
Time Warner, NBC side with Adobe in Apple fight over Flash 
Wilting flowers and @kendoctor on the newsonomics of mobile advertising 
“Scaling’s tough” and other thoughts from Four Square’s Dennis Crowley 
Good morning! Yahoo expects a return to double-digit growth 
Sharing vs. Zuckerberg’s law: thoughts on today’s Facebook changes 
Our @lkmcgann, former news-startup editor, has some advice for @TheBayCitizen 
Missed this week’s #tcdisrupt? Bummed about it? Console yourself with the conf’s extensive video library 
Congratulations to Nieman’s newest class of fellows! 
Maximize your launch: five tips for @TheBayCitizen 
Fascinating: “responsive architecture” and web design (via @drewvigal) 
Thanks! RT @blanket: Big cheers to @NiemanLab for featuring @berkmancenter talks this week! 
Wired’s iPad app is coming to the iTunes store…with Adobe 
HuffPo president and CRO says the aggregator is on track to double ad sales this year 
AOL now employs 4,000 journalists (but only 500 are full-time) 
“We’re going to have a situation where if you pay us X dollars, you can have us in any form you like.” 
Within five years, FT parent company exec says, the paper will have “exited print in substantial part” 
How can public media empower citizens — and democracy? 
A mobile app that connects you directly to your favorite journalists. Awesome. 
Can @TheBayCitizen, launching today, find a way to make cross-level media partnerships beneficial and sustainable? 
.@hackshackers started as a SF-based Meetup group, @burtherman says; it now has 600 members worldwide (via @jayrosen_nyu) 
Good morning! Looks like Apple’s facing an antitrust inquiry about its online music practices 
Engaging with journos: thanks to @gigaom, there’s an app for that 
Burgers and business models: the McDonald’s approach to community news 
The SF and Houston Chronicles will soon feature content from Demand Media 
“This simple color-coding system translated a labyrinth of…research into something that everyone could understand”