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@niemanlab archives: June 2010

This just in: Google News revamps its homepage to become more “customizable and shareable” 
How the Internet changes our conception of free time: Leisure and work, both done with the same tools 
ProPublica’s new design tries to build context and new points of entry into investigative reporting 
What happens when brands get blown to bits? Questions from Rolling Stone’s missed opportunity 
ProPublica redesigns, proclaims “pro-PUB-lica” preferred pronunciation; sorry, “pro-POOB-lica” aficionados 
Congratulations to the New Media Women Entrepreneur winners, awarded $12K each 
“If the modern mind truly is the the direct descendant of Gutenberg’s invention, then so is the Internet.” 
Reading has never been just for monks, no matter what Nick Carr says: Reading “The Shallows” 
“If crowdsourcing is like quick sex, Debian is more like a really long marriage.” 
What if news orgs thought about crowdbuilding instead of crowdsourcing? Great talk about collaboration 
Good morning! Very light tweeting today/tomorrow to give @niemanlab staffers a break. But still wanted to say good morning! 
Nonprofit investigative news shop Center for Public Integrity receives $1 million in grants from Park and MacArthur 
AOL’s SXSW project, extended version: HuffPo launches a citizen journ-driven concert blog 
Awesomeness, happening now: Tim Berners-Lee and Stephen Fry are both talking on a UK future-of-tech panel 
Detroit’s public radio station, WDET, joins the Public Insight Network 
“The art of the pause”: @niemanstory on narrative, technology, and timing 
Move over, AP? Yahoo creates a style guide for digital content 
“Figuring out the flow”: the revealing evolution of Knight and its News Challenge 
How to talk tech: @jenny8lee‘s useful glossary of journogeek terminology 
Miss one of the Knight News Challenge winners? Complete coverage up here 
“People who live near each other, if they connect, good things happen.” How can the web bring neighbors together? 
Rolling Stone criticized for its web strategy on McChrystal scoop, but at the newsstands it’s doing great 
Project Canvas (the UK’s web-connected, on-demand TV platform) is green-lighted and expected to launch in 2011 
From journalism to information: the evolution of the Knight News Challenge 
The Internet does a good job connecting people across the world, but what about right next door? 
Pageviews, on the wane?’s new single-page redesign places its bets on large, customizable ads 
Digg founder says Google soon to launch a Facebook competitor called “Google Me” 
Good morning! PolitiFact Rhode Island joins the fact-checking project’s network of state sites 
Great Sunday reading: Review of Clay Shirky’s latest 
The Wikipedia of news translation:’s volunteer community 
Information overload and the aesthetics of data 
This Week in Review: Google wins over Viacom, Rolling Stone learns some lessons, and iPad resurrects Gourmet 
Great weekend reading: Our review of @cshirky‘s new book, Cognitive Surplus 
The Economist says its UK project to let readers buy print copies of the magazine via cell phone is working well 
1.1 mil people (legally) watched US v. Algeria online — larger than ESPN’s avg *TV* audience last week 
Trust in abundance: a review of Clay Shirky’s new book, Cognitive Surplus 
Project pioneers a cost-effective way to break down language barriers to news and information online 
Good morning! Univision prepares to blend tv, radio and interactive media in local markets 
Meet a site with the kookiest set of revenue streams you’ve ever seen 
Knight News Challenge winner wants to build community by layering data 
EveryBlock is hiring a community manager to grow the site’s user community online and in real life 
The Chicago Tribune partners with The Onion (no joke!) 
We should mention, the Lab also has a Tumblr 
Looks like the NYT is getting a Tumblr (via @felixsalmon) 
Topical pledge drives and other kooky ideas (that work!) from one online news startup 
Mark Zuckerberg is going to know exactly where you are, and that might mean coupons 
TileMapping wants to empower local communities through mapping technology 
Cooking case study: Guardian lets you take a close look at an API project (via @derekg
Good morning! If you’re celebrating it…happy iPhone 4 Day 
Apple takes in about the same amount as credit card companies per app sold in the iTunes store