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@niemanlab archives: July 2010

Luckie’s charmed: a chat with @10000words, the WaPo’s just-announced National Innovation Editor 
From WikiLeaks on, it’s been a big week in future-of-news news. @markcoddington sums it up beautifully 
WikiLeaks inspires a modest proposal: an outlet dedicated to follow-up journalism 
Looking for quality weekend reading? We submit for your consideration @MatthewBattles‘ serial review of Shirky/Carr 
The membership model: why investing in readers now could pay big dividends later 
This Week in Review: the WikiLeaks effect, a paywall’s purpose, a future for Flipboard 
The metrics of membership: how news startups are making membership models work 
Promoting transparency, but not practicing: why WikiLeaks should be more open about its financing 
The shallows and the depths converge: more from @MatthewBattles‘ serial review of Shirky/Carr 
The pattern in the chaos: follow-up thoughts on WikiLeaks 
Good news to report: Hollman Morris is now free to travel to the US for his Nieman fellowship 
What happens when media outlets get social with Facebook? 
The structure of the bombshell: 5 big questions the Wikileaks story raises about the future of journalism 
How much can we read into the newspaper industry bounce this quarter? 
Google News revamp gets a revamp 
How media companies can push the uses for crowdsourcing tool Ushahidi 
Does the audience always want junk? Maybe not. 
Need to catch up on the week’s news-innovation news? Here you go 
Production as an independent value: what the Old Spice ads can teach us (no, seriously!) about the news 
Because it is Friday: check out the trailer for “The Other Social Network,” the Hollywood treatment of…MySpace 
RT @hblodget: Huge win for Gawker Media and Nick Denton as court kills Gizmodo iPhone search warrant 
We like to think that our commenters heralded Google News’ latest redesign 
So this is exciting: Google acquires the semantic search company Metaweb 
Are you Shakespeare or Shelley? The Awl interviews I Write Like creator 
“Their lofty ambition is to…build a genuine Newspaper of the Futureā„¢” 
Should we give the audience what they want? 
Okay, we went there: what the Old Spice ads can teach us about the future of news 
This week in review: paying for obits, ESPN’s new ad-fusion scheme, plus the great replacement debate 
.@comscore launches updated version of its online video measurement service 
Can blog networks make money? More efforts test the waters 
Good morning! Gannett and Yahoo strike local ad partnership 
“We desperately need journalists with no sources, only data!” 
Big congrats to Lab contributor @SethCLewis, freshly minted PhD! 
Crowdsourced mapping, in 3G: how media outlets could make more use of @Ushahidi 
.@niemanstory on Harvey Pekar: “his pen (and tongue) remained too sharp to settle in the soft focus of mass media” 
Sure, @WSJ has Foursquared breaking news But what about more common consumer experiences? @CJR reports 
“With surplus comes expendability”: more from @MatthewBattles‘ fantastic serial review of Shirky/Carr 
Did you know the Twitter fail whale was almost an elephant? (via@GuyKawasaki
Newspaper execs quietly call second quarter earnings a “dead cat bounce” 
Fascinating: Google may soon include users’ mouse movements as factors in its search rankings 
Journal Register Company partners with Growthspur to help drive profits for community bloggers 
Esquire, then Marie Claire, then Cosmo: Hearst announces more mags to be given the iPad treatment 
Good morning! The WaPo acquires iCurrent, a personal news aggregator 
One case for long-form on the web: targeting the right kind of readers 
Tomorrow, the BBC will launch a website with US-focused stories (via @romenesko) 
“Ben & Jerry’s clearly feels…that their customers prefer contact through social media sites to email in their inbox.” 
The Lab has a Shakespeare, a JK Rowling, and a Dan Brown 
Would iTunes do better with a paywall model rather than micropayments? 
During 2009-10, 90% of network shows appeared online, 50% of episodes within a day of their original air date 
An update on #hollman, the Colombian journalist denied a visa–by the US–for his Nieman fellowship