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@niemanlab archives: August 2010

You’ll want to set time aside to watch this TED/@mccandelish video on the beauty of dataviz. Trust us. 
News outlet + mobile space + real estate porn 
For j-schools, high schoolers as revenue stream 
Today, from 4-5p EDT/1-2 p PST, @ONA is hosting a live discussion about real-time ethics for journos 
RT @Newsweek: Newsweek launched an English-language edition in Pakistan this week, the first by a prominent Western title in the country. 
The visualization of sound: very cool project sono-maps New York City (via @brainpicker) 
How high schoolers are helping j-schools with revenue, content 
Video recommendation tool Taboola gives publishers a 100% to 500% “uplift” in video views 
Watch out Tucker Carlson: Glenn Beck hires Breitbart alum to run his new news site 
The Dallas Morning News considers moving staff reports, Cowboy news behind a paywall 
Want to eavesdrop on smarties discussing the ins-and-outs of local news? Check the convo btw @michelemclellan @chanders 
The service side: the value of newspaper apps that have very little to do with the news 
Al-Jazeera revamps its English website with improved readability and more sharing functionality (via @iwantmedia
First Gourmet came back for the iPad, now in print for special newsstand-only edition 
RT @jeffjarvis: GOOG’s priority mailbox is a step toward @marisaamayer‘s hyperpersonal news stream 
Good morning! The NYT’s new “Log In With Facebook” feature will collect data for the TimesPeople API 
Why the Google/AP deal might just be the end of the beginning 
Network Effect 101: @hermida on teaching social media in J-school 
RT @APStylebook: A new Stylebook Online entry: NPR is acceptable in all references to National Public Radio. #apstyle 
A Breathalyzer for headlines 
How to build a (we think) pretty awesome iPhone app–for $624 
Friends? Frenemies? What today’s AP/Google license renewal might mean for their relationship 
When to delete: confessions of an online moderator 
Interesting nugget in this OED-to-go-online-only story: despite its eminence, the dictionary has never made a profit 
From New Orleans to showering mayors: How The Atlantic is making use of Tumblr 
How do you make local media work? 10 lessons from Oakland Local’s @susanmernit 
Interesting: a Kachingle concept, but with tips paid for by sponsors 
The Onion takes on TIME mag, reductive trend stories, and “the beloved children’s character, Joe Klein” 
Apple and sausage: Lab director @jbenton on how he built our snazzy new iPhone app 
10 ways data sets are changing how we live (via @nickbilton
.@Foursquare now has more than 3 million users 
“Ninety percent of everything is crap, but that’s nothing novel. There’s just more everything now.” 
Good morning! Per the FT, YouTube will feature streaming movie rentals from major studios by the end of the year 
This has nothing at all to do with the Emmys. 
For everything you missed in the future of news last week 
Why non-journalism revenue streams are important for news orgs 
NPR’s new Argo Project mixes local content with national structure 
Future of news in your pocket! 
Want to catch up on the week that was? Here you go 
Social networking among Internet users ages 50 and older nearly doubled between April ’09 and May ’10—from 22% to 42% 
Choose your size: @ProPublica‘s big new story comes in small, medium, large 
“Meet the Press” to use Facebook to crowdsource questions for its midterm Senate debate series 
Public service announcement: Today’s the last day to vote for the panels you want to see at SXSW 
Information wants to be freed: why @CJR is suing the State of New York 
Great, interactive infographic takes you under the surface of the Gulf oil spill (via @10000words is using Facbeook Connect to livestream web-exclusive coverage of the Katrina anniversary 
Thanks to all who sent us kind words about our new iPhone app this week. We’re excited about it–glad you are, too. 
A CDO explanation for the rest of us. Al Granberg comic strip is worth 4,000 words 
For a reminder of on why Web distribution has such potential, check out what it takes to make the FT print edition 
“Be nice,” “Say yes”…and more advice on personal brand-building from @10000words