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@niemanlab archives: September 2010

“Companies will pay top dollar for top-end talent, and they’ll pay as little as possible for good-enough newsy content” 
The Doublemint approach: Why the Globe’s new two-website strategy may be genius 
Report finds community news sites aren’t replacing newspapers, but are adding “coverage that did not exist before” 
The beauty of data: An online journalist shows how data visualization helps storytelling 
For the price of $175 you too can learn about Hyperlocal blogging from the New York Times. Operators standing by 
Hiring journalistic “stars”: the value proposition isn’t as straightforward as it seems 
In the Alternate Universe, would Columbia’s Campus Network, not Facebook be the premise for a movie? 
PSA: Business Insider is hiring a writer who “loves the online medium” 
Lesson from a tech startup: sometimes, you need a human 
Big news: The NYT-owned Globe will bifurcate its web strategy in 2011, launching a paid site to complement the free 
“The essential fact of the internet is that nothing is permanent” Malcolm Gladwell Q&A on his Twitter piece 
The Times (UK) saw a drop of 120,000 unique visitors in August, its second month behind a paywall 
Our experiment with @Storify 
Have a first look at Qwiki, the winner of .@TechCrunch Disrupt and a new way to display information 
As Twitter rolls out Promoted Tweets from advertisers, expect Starbucks and Disney, but not political campaigns. 
Good morning! A new study says representation of women in online news is “just as dismal” as in traditional news 
@James_daSilva You’re welcome! And, thanks! 
Atwood: “Anything that happens in social media is an extension of stuff we were already doing in some other way.” 
“This is an iPhone!” – Jim Lehrer introducing .@NewsHour‘s new iPhone App 
Blogging like the blotter: focussed, concise, consistent content works well in the social media world 
Using free online tools for media production: 95% awesome. When they go wrong, though…disaster 
Good for the Future of News? Survey by Scholastic says kids are interested in eReaders 
Congrats to,,–Emmy winners in the “New Approaches to News/Documentary” category 
Twitter or NASA? Scroll down to check out video of Gatorade (social media) Mission Control 
The Consumerist, The Awl and Apartment Therapy make Time’s Best Blogs, Daily Kos and Mashable “overrated” 
Jobs! Sorta. Scripps fellowship for online producers, multimedia reporters, developers & designers; apply on Facebook 
The rise of ebooks, or, why you should keep your Kindle in a lead-lined box 
“It’s sort of like running a Benetton…” @dabeard on his move to the National Journal 
@eric_andersen Right. The new Kindle is around $150. 
Interesting: iPad owners skew young, male. Kindle users attract wealthier set 
Washington Post, New York Times and Gannett pool their cash, invest in start-up news sharing service 
“Their protests, their sit-ins, take the simple form of making things and sharing them with each other.” 
“Knight wanted to remove the barriers to trying something new” 
.@HuffingtonPost is going to bus people from NYC to DC for Jon Stewart’s “Rally to Restore Sanity” 
Couldn’t attend last week’s Block by Block conference? Catch up with the #bxb2010 video archive 
Just FYI: We now live in a world in which “What is Gawker?” has been a Jeopardy question. 
Good morning! Google predicts that, by 2015, display advertising will be a $50 billion market 
How lawful is aggregation? Are bloggers liable for libel? If you’ve ever wondered, you should probably know about this 
Of online news and Big Macs 
“What we’re finding is the simpler the story, the more it resonates with average people.” 
“It’s a magazining of web content beyond anything we might have expected.” 
Make of this what you will: Twitter now gets more traffic than MySpace 
Knight Foundation plans to cover costs for non profit news orgs to use Press+ pay platform 
Imitation in the news: how what we consume is like McDonalds 
“There’s this desperate need for information and scrutiny” 
Check-in, Danno: to offer Foursquare-like check-ins for watching your favorite shows 
Who is Ken Jautz? The new head of CNN discovered Glenn Beck, made Nancy Grace a star 
Facebook researchers figured out a way to predict your ethnicity 
Congratulations @ONA Journalism Award finalists! 
An invaluable resource on media law in the Internet age, from the smarties at @berkmancenter