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@niemanlab archives: September 2, 2010

Quiz! Which tech company CEO gets depicted “menacing children” on a Times Square Jumbotron? 
Why we can expect more convergence in the future, not less 
“The innovator’s paradox”: why critics keep getting it wrong about Netflix 
“This is also a reason for us all to give startups a little breathing room when they’re finding their space in the world” 
How social data built a better health care app: @digiphile guest-posts at @mashable 
“The Decalogue of the aspiring young journalist”: @cicoree summarizes @jayrosen_nyu‘s “audience”-vs.-”public” speech 
Warning: the translation’s wonky. But @jayrosen_nyu cites Gawker, TPM, NYT as U.S. sites journ students should follow 
“Imaginary cosmopolitans”: @TheEconomist considers cross-national web use with data from @zephoria @ethanz 
B2B no more: AFP’s setting stage to offer readers direct access to its content via web, apps 
Congrats @ONA on a $75K grant from Excellence & Ethics in Journalism Foundation to develop its site 
When less is more: @kdoctor on “News Convergence 2.0″ 
Crowdsourcing! Cooperation! Cop-evasion! New site maps police speed traps (via @robinJP
Monocle opens NYC shop selling furniture, candles, stationery, clothing–and back issues of the mag 
Advertisers pull out of The Times after post-paywall traffic collapse 
AOL and Facebook to get New Yorker profiles (via @iwantmedia
Good morning! Twitter scores another news-breaking credit, this time with the Discovery Channel gunman story