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@niemanlab archives: September 14, 2010

Bing catches Yahoo as second most popular search engine to Google 
Web metrics as democratization of content 
Gawker announces changes to commenting system, more disciplinary powers for bad behavior 
SEO not the threat to journalism some fear 
Can games be a form of journalism? 
“Squeezing humanity through a straw”: the long-term consequences of using metrics and journalism 
Why SEO and audience tracking won’t kill journalism as we know it 
When journalists talk about collaboration as the future, maybe we just didn’t notice it was the past too 
Online journalism or journalism online: is there a difference? 
“I believe human editing plus automation have always been and will always be needed for top-notch aggregation.” 
AOL’s mass hiring for local Patch sites still underway 
Conversation, collaboration, chickens: How @susanorlean uses Twitter to expand her writing 
Five Pew findings suggest news orgs should pay attention to apps (embargo actually lifted) 
The Atlantic’s new tech vertical will take a “broader and more cultural view of technology” 
Revenue where you can get it: WaPo to start running front page ads 
Apologies to Pew: we jumped the gun on an embargo by mistake. We’ll repost their study on app use tomorrow morning 
Good morning! New Pew study finds at least five reasons news orgs should think about apps