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@niemanlab archives: September 17, 2010

@Megan True! And re: name, the feature’s coded in WP as “relatedPostsBox.” But we’re fans of “sideways pop-up thingy.” Or, on Twitter: SPUT. 
@Megan Thanks for noticing! Though we prefer to think of it as simply “adopting a good idea”… :) 
From Pew’s big study to Twitter’s big redesign, it’s been a big week in future-of-news land. Our wrap-up: 
“Those Wacky Teen-Agers and Their Crazy Fads”: NYT’s 1995 review of “Hackers” (via @davewiner
Future-of-journalism buzzwords, visualized 
Now, you can be told that “Resident Evil: Afterlife” is a bad movie by friends as well as critics 
The smart way to start a blog network 
The number of visits to @boingboing referred by Twitter has doubled in two months, @Beschizza says 
Fun fact: In 1930, the U.S. Senate considered a ban on dial telephones (via @kleinmatic
RT @jackshafer: RT @gettingitwrong: Explaining NPR’s ‘dibs list’ for guests on news shows it produces Surprisingly candid 
The Future of Journalism: a series of highly scientific Wordles 
LOVE this. For contributions to its brilliant #techcanon list, @TheAtlanticTech built a form 
Proposed: “the more local or hyperlocal the news, the less important it is to get it right away” 
FYI RT @joemurph: The WSJ wants to hire an interactive graphic artist. Skills: Illustrator, HTML, CSS, Flash, JS. Ask @demetria_g for more~ 
Blog networks are in the air this week. Here’s some advice on running a good one, from a veteran 
iPads are now for sale, officially, in five Latin American countries and China 
This Week in Review is live: 
WPP to create an “electronic wallet” for content-purchasing across a range of sites (via @iwantmedia
Today in Admirable Openness: Head of now-defunct startup NewsTilt explains what went wrong 
Good morning! CNN teams up with J-schools around the world to start “iReport University”