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@niemanlab archives: September 22, 2010

John Cook on his return to Gawker: “I think Nick Denton is going to win the Internet.” 
“There’s a role to be filled by providing simplicity, a more limited universe of choices, and information underload.” 
Valuable addition to @CJR: The Launch Pad asks new media publishers to blog about their startup experiences 
“You might drop in to check out the blog and then ten minutes later find yourself reading an interview from 1978.” 
Pizza! Swag bags! Code! @HacksHackers is hosting a day-long “open(source).athon” in NYC on Oct. 2 
“Collectively creating content, at a very low price”: Journal Register plans a hyperlocal site for Philly 
.@Wikipedia has a new pilot feature inviting readers to offer feedback on article quality 
Why is Facebook blue? Because Zuck is colorblind (via @on_the_media
Thinking about starting your own nonprofit news org? Check out J-Lab’s step-by-step guide 
The NYT’s new opinion page: another case of app design logic applied to the web 
The NYT OpEd section redesign looks sharp (via @MarketplaceTech
RT @PRIResDev: .@NiemanLab @PRI has had one for a while! Just sayin’… 
Twitter has plans to start showing you ads based on who you follow 
Content for credit: Patch teams up with 13 j-schools 
Hey, @NPR has a Tumblr! 
PSA: It’s not too late to register for the Online News Assn’s pre-conference career fair on Oct. 28 in Washington 
Yahoo’s The Upshot needs two “new bloggy thoroughbreds” to join their team of reporter-bloggers (via @agolis
MySpace is undergoing a “dramatic remake” to increase its appeal to younger users 
Good morning! NYT Co. expects digital advertising revenues to increase around 14% in Q3