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@niemanlab archives: September 27, 2010

“journalism needs a better understanding of how its products could actually be used to effect change” 
“Can’t we know people through their writing? Is face-to-face contact the only way to build strong ties?” 
Just imagining what the @niemanlab Twitter TV show would be like 
Chicago’s Better Govt Assn has been investigating corruption since Al Capone. Here’s what it’s like in a digital age 
You launched your startup. Now what? 
What should a good government organization look like in 2010? 
Why buy an ad on Forbes when you can buy your own blog? 
The AP is developing an app that brings the logic of ad circulars to iPads and smartphones 
“In an IM Denton sent me…he wrote, ‘You can write anything as long as you mention I tripled the traffic both times.’” 
Author of the Facebook Effect lays out five myths about the networking giant 
New Twitter ad platform gets mixed reviews from marketers 
Why impatience is a virtue…and also a vice 
Meet Library Systems & Services, the private company that runs the fifth-largest library system in the US 
Pulitzer winner, en route to new gig with @WSJ, uses prize money to create fund for “Rural Computer-Assisted Reporting” 
Some news about Apple: per a Pew study, the company commands an inordinate amount of media attention 
Good morning! Condé Nast creates an award for business savvy among its editors, publishers