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@niemanlab archives: November 2010

RT @MacDivaONA: Knight #NewsChallenge applicants: If you’re stuck & panicking, this @NiemanLab article might help: #knc 
Report an Error Alliance wants to create “a de facto online standard for encouraging and displaying corrections” 
Congrats to @hatchjt, who’s moving from USA Today to @SunFoundation to lead Sunlight Live 
Need a climate expert on deadline? No problem 
@jaredbkeller Thanks for the link! I hadn’t heard of Truthy. Checking it out now. –LKM 
Is Twitter better at refuting lies? Or spreading them? 
Where journalism and speed dating meet: at an Android app contest 
Nick Denton explains why Gawker is moving beyond the blog 
Could the future of newspapers be gaming? 
Atth Kindle users: You may have paid Amazon to download a book available free almost everywhere 
Paywall watch: Telegraph is planning to charge for content 
NBC local media is looking for the top 20 Twitter stars in 10 of its markets to talk on air about trending issues 
Gaming the system: How one paper has adapted game technology to bring the news to life 
“It’s the distribution of human judgment from a handful of elite taste-makers to our own self-selected maven-o-spheres” 
Has Boing Boing become “retro chic”? Either way, it still has millions of readers and makes money 
Good morning! Some props for @mediagazer , a site that launched with a bang 
Richard Branson’s publishing group will unveil its $2.99-per-issue iPad mag tomorrow 
Awesome job opp for an SF-based tech-culture writer: @Wired is looking for an Underwire reporter (via @johnpavlus
Nice. RT @zseward: Old WSJ story ranks first on Google search for “Verizon iPhone” so we’re greeting new visitors 
Per @randizuckerberg, Mark will interview George W. Bush at Facebook HQ in 30 minutes–2p PT 
Procrastinators, it’s not too late! The deadline for @Knightfdn‘s News Challenge is this Wed, 12/1 
@TheAtlanticTech‘s “How To Build an Online Community”: a syllabus for the rest of us 
“This new battle for local ad dollars is growing…as merchants aim to make sense of the chaos of marketing choice.” 
Mimi Ito reports on YouMedia, a Chicago space that encourages teens to explore, create, and share media (via @EthanZ
Google Earth 6 launches with integrated street view, more intuitive historical imagery, and…3D trees 
Adidas + artistry = one way to get a kick out of social media (via @lavrusik
“In other words, females are shown dominated by rather than in charge of technology.” 
Thanks, @SuziSteffen @DebGendel! But @AnnaTarkov‘s right: We definitely didn’t invent the MT — we just shamelessly appropriated it. :) 
Nice mini-case study: Keller’s Q&A about Wikileaks versus Rusbridger’s 
@Chanders Yep, @Ckanal‘s right! MT = “modified tweet.” We use it when we’ve changed the tweet, just to clarify that it isn’t a direct quote. 
MT @arusbridger: Prince Andrew on Guardian reporters: “those [expletive] journalists…who poke their noses everywhere” 
Does semantic technology herald the demise of the hyperlink? 
One (tool) for all: Ryerson University gives its j-students Droid phones for reporting projects 
Hooboy. RT @TheWeek: Here’s Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s old blog Last post: Aug. 2007 
Bill Keller on NYT’s publishing of state secrets: “We get to decide because America is cursed with a free press.” 
Startup advice from @dens: “Don’t let anyone tell you your ideas don’t work.” 
A drug bust in a Rio favela–with a teenager armed with Twitter providing an insiders’ view (via @BBCPhilippaT
The FT expects that its content revenue will equal its ad revenue by 2013 (via @emilybell
PSA: Media Guardian is looking for a digital cartoonist, “an animator with a sense of humour” 
Metro papers reach only 8% of local biz markets–so there’s still 92% waiting to be tapped for ad/marketing revenue 
Zed Combinator? 
Microsoft is laying the groundwork for an online pay-television subscription service 
“[I]…lip-synched to Lady Gaga’s Telephone while exfiltrating possibly the largest data spillage in American history.” 
Good morning! The Guardian shared its copies of WikiLeaks’ State Dept cables with the NYT to avoid injunction 
PSA: ABC 57 wants programmers and community managers to “re-engineer” how broadcast, mobile and online works 
Innovation advice on Knight News Challenge? Looking for “the person who put the wheels on the suitcase” 
Newsy, featurey, or SEO friendly? Settle your headline debates with new A/B testing through WordPress plugin 
PSA: Washington Post is looking for a interactivity producer to work on web and mobile #Jobs 
Is Twitter “turning journalists into sniggering cheap-shot artists” 
Why not start shopping early with this gift guide for independent online journalists