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@niemanlab archives: December 2010

I have found the cognitive surplus, and it hates pigs: Clay Shirky and Angry Birds, together at last 
Thanks to our countless contributors for predicting the future of news in 2011 and everyone who took the reader poll! 
In 2011: Online readership stays flat, AP’s begins news clearinghouse and Journal Register Co. copycats emerge 
For the mobile journalist: Webster’s dictionary app now lets you speak to it to look up words 
The (very unscientific) results are in: What lab readers prediction for the future of news in 2011 
We’re closing up the lab for 2010! If you need us we’ll be on the beach, in the bayou or baconing-up the holidays. Get ready for 2011! 
Maine newspaper commits to ending anonymous comments, requiring full names in 2011 
A Twitter/Facebook merger? Newspaper closings? Local media starups? Checking up on 2010 predictions 
Best innovations of 2010? Gourmet Live app, TBD’s community engagement team and Pop Sugar’s Retail Therapy 
What’s popular now on Twitter? WaPo and Kaplan, Chirpstory and duPont winners 
How .@PostBroncos became a Twitter-holic and changed her routine on the sports desk, from .@NiemanReports 
Attention newspapers (and entrepreneurs): Want to build a better Groupon? Here’s a few suggestions 
The results of our reader survey on 2011: NYT paywall success, “Clay Rosen” and mergers galore 
.@Webbmedia‘s predictions for 2011: IP addresses are running out and news orgs need to be ready for the change 
Regret the Error looks back on 2010: Cooks Source takes the prize, plus a year in corrections 
2011 predictions: Expect location services, social coupons, news, gaming and tablets to converge 
Newspapers pulled ahead of broadcaster for minutes of streamed video in late 2010, survey says 
Facebook is experimenting with a filtering feature for individual newsfeeds 
Keeping ‘em honest: How did .@martinlangeveld‘s 2010 predictions for mobile, circulation and shakeups fare? 
A case against content partnerships: Do big and small news sites really need each other? 
With ad dollars flowing their way, is the future of local news local TV? 
From .@Niemanreports: How a Denver Broncos beat reporter applies old rules to new tools like Twitter 
The price is (apparently) right: iPad users say news and magazine apps are appropriately priced 
Here’s Chirpstory, the newest tool for curating and storytelling through Twitter 
2011 Predictions from Amy Webb: Big hyperlocal investments, refined geolocation apps and curation on tablets 
FCC’s Open Internet Apps Challenge calls on developers to make tools for better understanding of the web 
Good morning! New survey finds most of you really, really can’t live without high speed Internet 
In the future expect data and secrets to be distributed. Think BitTorrent, not Napster 
In 2011 “we’re going to see news organizations implement location-based news features into their mobile apps” 
From #Niemanleaks: Finding solutions and tools to help track documents, numbers, and military social media 
Apple tells .@NYTimesbits the WikiLeaks docs app “violated our developer guidelines” 
Jennifer 8 Lee on Americans comfort with “Little Brother” and how it affects journalism 
Thinking of joining Demand Media’s blog distribution network? Make sure to read the fine print 
What’s popular on Twitter now? Comments at The Atlantic, HuffPo’s new iPad app and net neutrality hearings 
A continuum of technologically enhanced storytelling that traces back to computer-assisted reporting 
Thanks, but no thanks: Americans say NO to online tracking by advertisers in a new poll 
The takeaway from #NiemanLeaks? Post-WikiLeaks context remains key for journalists 
How InvestigateWest and partnered on a series about rat poisons in the environment 
Want to engage young readers on their phone? Newspapers may be wise to consider text messages 
Jennifer 8. Lee on raw data, APIs, and the growth of “Little Brother” 
HuffPo unveils NewsGlide, its new iPad app, and talks about tablet influences coming to website 
As we await The Daily, MediaWeek offers this graphic on Rupert Murdoch’s hits & misses with online business 
How do you understand and explain data when it comes by the gigabyte? 
News of the World comes to the iPad! And will cost you more than a print subscription. 
The best digital makeovers of 2010? NPR, The Atlantic and the Journal Register Co. make the list 
The future of news in 2011? Tablet-only, mobile-first: News orgs native to new platforms coming soon 
Meet Basetrack, an online storytelling project with photographers and marines in Afghanistan 
Not so fast Groupon: .@Mathewi says just because you hire writers it doesn’t mean you’re doing journalism 
#NiemanLeaks: A new world swarming with data and documents require new tools for reporting 
Editor & Publisher plans to revamp its website, offer more photos, more accessible archives, and obits.