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@niemanlab archives: January 2011

How journos are using social media to report on Egypt 
Facebook is planning to launch a third-party commenting system “in a matter of weeks” 
.@NPR is adding text captions to its audio content 
RT @mathewi: has a look at Tor, the anonymization project whose lead developer/advocate is @ioerror: 
The story has 1,000 faces: Compare this Kristof dispatch to this one 
From reporting Egypt to making sense of WikiLeaks, the moment’s most popular stories on Twitter 
@BBCPhilippaT @tonisellas Glad to hear it! Perhaps we should start a Twitter Friends matching service… :) 
Explanatory journalism, says linguist George Lakoff, should “decode the moral frameworks” embedded in language 
PSA: TPM is hiring a developer/designer 
The quiet brilliance of partnership: A few thoughts on the NewsBeast/CPI deal 
“The Fast Fix,” WaPo’s 60-second daily video update, has on some days exceeded 1 million views 
.@Jxpaton on transforming Journal Register: “Our horse is dying; we have to get a new horse.” 
Android has become the world’s leading smartphone platform 
@jayrosen_nyu Fascinating. It’d make sense from several angles: “mutualized reporting,” only applied to context. (Mutualized explaining?) 
How @NPR is adding text captions to its audio content [fixed link] 
Nick Kristof is using Facebook to send updates from the ground in #Egypt 
Ongo, says @filloux, is “too much of an automated aggregator as opposed to an edited news product” 
Good morning! The NYT’s ebook on WikiLeaks goes on sale today 
“No varnish—and very little artistry”: @Nickkristof reports from Egypt on his Facebook page 
Ready to Win the Week? You’ll need the rundown on future of journalism news from This Week in Review: 
Context at your level: How Mother Jones backgrounder on Egypt serves different needs 
Newsonomics: Why a do-over now makes sense to publishers 
The State of the Union is strong, especially for new media on 
A new life for illustrations in the world of digital journalism 
Need a weekly dose of future of journalism news? Then you’ll love our weekly email: 
Tyler Cowen talks about why Kindles and Nooks were right for his new book 
Reminder! Your applications for the Nieman Fellowship must be postmarked by Monday: 
Dave Winer asks what can J-schools do to help create journo-programmers? 
Knight News Challenge winner SeedSpeak wants to combine geolocation and civic engagement 
Al Jazeera is letting others use their Egypt coverage under Creative Commons 
The art of the Egypt explainer: how to serve users with different levels of background knowledge 
Tumblr is “growing by a quarter billion impressions every week” founder says 
TWiR: Publishers betting on aggregation in Ongo, a new day for Demand Media and Olbermann fallout 
Amazing RT @jaredbkeller: @NiemanLab MoJo doesn’t mess around. Still, take a look at the Tumblr channel, it’s incredible: 
@jaredbkeller Thx for the tip! We looked at something similar to that earlier today: @MotherJones‘ excellent curation 
Monetization and new life for old content: ProPublica and the New York Times on e-books 
Popular now on Twitter – Egypt edition: Al Jazeera’s live feed, how the Internet was shut down and more 
Which magazines are making money off iPad apps? 
Hack’s got your back: Hacks/Hackers has a jobs board 
PSA: San Francisco Chronicle is looking for an executive producer for SFGate 
Story submission pages, aggregation, donations and more common features on hyperlocal news sites 
If publishers want to win on the iPad they’ll need to create a portfolio of apps 
Considering the situation in Egypt, is Internet access a human right? 
“There is no rational basis for believing that Demand Media is worth more than the New York Times” 
How to: provide context for Egypt coverage 
RT @davidfolkenflik: Incredible aggregation of all things Egyptian by News Arabica 
Cal Wire: California Watch starts new distribution network to share stories with partner newspapers 
This Week in Review: WikiLeaks rivals, Ongo aggregation play and Wall Street welcomes Demand Media 
Day in the Life: TheWrap tracked homepages of top news sites for speed, timeliness and more 
ESPN promises more transparency under new editorial guidelines…that aren’t public, yet.