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@niemanlab archives: February 2011

Punk’s not dead, it’s just tweeting: A Lab video with Dan Sinker, newly outed as @MayorEmanuel 
“We got ahead of ourselves — and now we’re rowing back.” Denton’s memo on fixes to Gawker’s new look 
ProPublica’s Kindle Single experiment may not rope in dollars, but their downloads are growing 
The limits of tip-jar journalism: Why Kachingle has yet to take off 
California Watch is taking its newsroom on the road and is asking readers where to go 
Emotion-friendly: Likes, recommendations and how social media traffic could eclipse SEO 
The Future of Media is aggregating your monthly bills, at least for Hearst 
Visualization overload: An excellent infographic on infographics 
The cost of ProPublica’s latest Kindle Single? $0.00 
Good news! The exact number of times you can check-out HarperCollins e-books has been discovered: 26 
Couldn’t make it to #NICAR11? @MacDivaONA has a round-up of sessions, discussions and new tools 
Surprise! Survey finds people want tablet devices to be cheaper! Also, willing to pay $5-$10 for news 
Taxes, phones, and editorial policies: Tips and lessons on starting a non-profit news orgnaization 
Oscar-worthy or not, Facebook has become an integral part of journalism today 
Are trust and data the most valuable assets for media companies of the future 
The dead shall Tweet! On Reorbit your favorite departed author comes alive to Tweet their work 
Is Mashable all growns up? They’re hiring their own ad sales team 
Do you like us or recommend us? How the warring verbs of social media will influence the news’ future 
Remnants matter: Why publishers are now building their own ad exchanges 
“For each dollar added to online revenue, the WaPo lost five dollars on print” 
Meet Big News Boston, a new news visualization tool and a winner in the Boston Hack Day Challenge 
Good morning! In taking The Dish to The Beast, Andrew Sullivan will also contribute to Newsweek 
Begin the new week by catching up on the one that was. Here’s the latest This Week in Review 
Life on the party train: How the WaPo’s Story Lab tapped night owls for “Metro after Midnight” 
McSweeney’s The Goods — a 21st-century version of the newspaper’s kids page — debuted this week 
Why the community news site Rockville Central is going Facebook-only 
How one Irish news site mines Twitter for trends in covering the parliamentary election 
The NYT currently has 25,000 topic pages. Around 12,000 of them involve human curation 
Newsonomics: How newspapers are trying to reclaim the deals marketplace 
This Week in Review: Apple’s new rules, the evolution of blogging, and the short, happy life of TBD 
Is this the coolest student journalist resume ever? 
The Peep show returns! (WaPo’s annual Peeps Diorama Contest, that is)’s Hack Day Challenge takes place this weekend 
So @alexismadrigral did a smart thing: a side-by-side comparison of New Google and Old Google search results 
“Online News: Public Sphere or Echo Chamber?” A @c4fcm podcast featuring the Lab’s @jbenton 
Zeitgeist-y new job title: “unmarketing manager” (via @emilybell) 
“Wrapping the whole world in intelligence”: Reed Hundt on the Internet and international law 
This Week in Review: Apple’s new rules, the evolution of blogging, and the short, happy life of TBD 
Oh, awesome. Dataviz, circa 1900 
Garfield on the Twitter revolution debates: “Social media are not about messaging; they are about relationships” 
Demand Media exec: Despite Google’s updates, “we haven’t seen a material net impact on our Content & Media business” 
Good morning! Great conversation taking place in the comments on @jxpaton‘s TBD-reax blog post 
“This is the first time a National Magazine Award will be given to a magazine published on a tablet” 
WNYC will tap the Public Insight Network to further their education reporting 
Curation, reader content and the smells of late night DC from The Post’s “Metro after midnight” 
New research on news consumption: How where you read affects what you read 
You too can now learn how to make TV the BBC way thanks to these online courses 
(link fixed) Popular on Twitter: Making sense of TBD (and making offers to TBDers), plus the condensed Tom Friedman 
Popular on Twitter: Making sense of TBD (and making offers to TBDers), plus the condensed Tom Friedman 
How one Norwegian newspaper teamed reporters and programmers on a story about traffic accident data