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@niemanlab archives: March 2011

The coder behind paywall-jumping NYTClean got a letter from the legal department of The New York Times 
Newspaper CEO on digital revenue: “We’d have to grow it at 80% or more to make up the [print] losses” 
5,000 fish! Smithsonian scientists use Facebook to crowdsource their research (via @BBCPhilippaT) 
Enjoying the convo in the comments of our “Is gaming the NYT stealing?” post. Thoughts to add? 
RT @CJR: RT @nickbilton NYTimes employees gathering to welcome home 4 reporters taken hostage in Libya last week. 
Joan Didion + Arianna Huffington = Newspaper Business Model 
.@emilybell: “The first thing we have to do is remind ourselves what the core purpose of journalism is” 
So, #dickbarred? Twitter, citing its desire to keep working on in-app discovery tools, scraps the QuickBar 
The best thing we’ve seen today, summed up in five words: “Thom Yorke as a Paperboy” 
NYT reporter C.J. Chivers is chronicling his reporting from Libya…on his Tumblr (via @gillianmae) 
A million syllabi culled from the web. Help @robinsloan do something awesome: What data should he parse? 
“Statistics are like a bikini. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.” 
The question nobody wants to ask: “How long do newspapers have?” 
“Journalism needs more nerds”: @brianboyer‘s @CJR profile 
The Open Network Foundation wants to let programmers take control of computer networks 
Good morning! Blogger’s new look wants to “change the typical way people consume content on the web” 
Gaming the NYT meter: Are the ethics of the digital world different than the ethics of the physical? 
Erick Schonfeld of @TechCrunch is interviewing Twitter co-founder @jack, right now: 
RT @NYTPRGUY: @rafat $40 million is a high guess, but yes marketing is part of the expense of the digital subscription service. 
Canadians are more willing to pay for ringtones than news, fresh survey finds 
@Lavrusik We have been up and down today—very heavy traffic. Working on it! 
Don’t see Google’s new +1 button in search results yet? You can manually enable the feature right here: 
So if you jump the NYT’s paywall…are you stealing? 
The NY Times pay model is a step toward NPR’s (and don’t call it a paywall!) 
Is paying for news our “civic duty?” Tom Foremski: 
After a profitable 2010, The Atlantic kicks off a 2011 hiring spree 
RT @lisannette: The surreal life of a journalist in Libya: 3 am pressers, trips to nowhere, sedatives in their food 
Blogger says New York paper ripped off his article about tiny giraffes, then taunted him 
Good morning! @paidContent names the top 50 digital media companies. (Farmville is doing a lot better than the NYT.) 
What’s Project Thunderdome, you ask? Inside Jim Brady’s new job at Journal Register Company 
Berkeleyside founder: “An independent online news site can be launched on a wing and a prayer.” 
Tweet more and embrace the weekend: Using data to develop a social media strategy 
1. Congrats to Jim Brady and JRC! 2. So, um, what’s Project Thunderdome? 
How BBC journalists try to meet the ethics and challenges of user-submitted content 
Why advertisers may be missing the mark with users by judging click-through rates 
The Washington Post is tapping Foursquare to plumb the depths of DC’s love of cherry blossoms and lessons on crowdfunding to support photography 
Different Times: The Times (UK) says they have 79,000 digital-only subscriptions a month 
“I know that we can and will do scratch on our (i)pad app.So far, though, sniff is a problem.” 
Al Jazeera English wants to connect less-reported stories and communities to the world with The Stream 
PSA: BBC America is looking for a social media producer 
“Well, it’s too touchy. Even though I’m better with it now.” A mom’s review of the iPad 
NYU’s Studio 20 Explainr offers journalists a guide for FAQs and “Making One That Doesn’t Suck” 
The Guardian is expanding into the US and may partner with OpenLeaks 
Discussion: The NYT reportedly spent $40M on the pay plan. What if they invested in start-ups instead? 
The Geico Gecko meets The AOL Way: Are display advertisers too obsessed with click-through rates? 
While helping disaster relief in Japan, crowdsourcing maps for humanitarian work still has a way to go 
Journal Register adds Jim Brady to team, will head up “Project Thunderdome” engagement initiative 
Good morning! The Tribeca Film Institute is awarding over $1M for interactive storytelling projects