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@niemanlab archives: April 2011

Any college J school can incorporate the Pearl Project 
Slate’s latest Slatest slates more frequent updates 
The Stream is a web community with its own TV show, brought to you by Al Jazeera English 
ReVista is a great resource on new Latin American journalism 
Byliner promises you something good to read. Could it save the long form? 
Update to a story we tweeted this morning. MT @Poynter: WH press secretary: “No reporters have been banned.” 
Overlooked this: Stuff Journalists Like, including #35 Name Dropping (what?) and #3 Free Food (never!) via @10000Words 
#FutureOfNews Innovation of the Day: The Guardian makes a certain wedding disappear with one click’s @BreakingNews team traces info to its source 
What’s Patch doing right? Transparency over objectivity, says @laurenmichell. (Agree?) 
PSA: Applications are open for the U. of King’s “Summer School in Data Journalism” in Nova Scotia 
Twitter appears to have introduced text ads 
Congrats to @katchesmark on becoming @CIRonline‘s editorial director and @chasedavis its tech director! 
RT @mallarytenore: NPR names Miami Herald’s Edward Schumacher-Matos as its new ombudsman. 
Twitter executive says the service has 200+ million users; 70% of traffic is from outside the U.S. 
Interesting: Might Netflix kill Internet movie piracy? It’s cheap, and so much easier 
RT @NewsHour: Our Endeavour NASA Stream is live: 
We round up this week in news: WikiLeaks’ forced hand, a Patch recruiting push, and two sets of news maxims 
A businessman is prepared to offer $200+ million for the Boston Globe — much more than two summers ago 
No. 1 on Reddit? A thank-you note from PBS that encouraged hundreds more to give 
Good morning! The White House banished a “print pool” reporter for pulling out a phone to record video 
Are smartphones “the technology that turns everyone into a radio reporter” 
Wait, is that an iPad on the President’s desk in the Oval Office? 
Popular on Twitter: That useless journalism degree, Kickstarter’s birthday and Instapaper free 
We study metrics for traffic and engagement, but what about the cost of producing a single story 
Stats: 85% of money pledged on Kickstarter is collected and 43% of projects are successful 
How dedicated are Slate readers? They’ll travel to be part of live show podcasts 
Marco Arment talks about the slow – and quiet – retirement of Instapaper Free 
The City of Philadelphia wants to create an army of watchdogs with an anti-corruption app 
The handiest reporting tool you’ll ever need may be the smartphone in your pocket 
When a Florida TV station was unable to broadcast this week, they turned to Facebook to post video 
The newsonomics of story cost accounting 
Bookmarked links saved! Delicious has been bought and will be expanded 
With more social news apps, could over-curation of the news become a problem? 
A look behind the scenes on the collaboration between NPR, Frontline and ProPublica for “Post Mortem” 
Good morning! The Guardian is ending Guardian Local, its beatblogging experiment in communities 
In NPR’s app usage stats, an engagement gap between reading and listening 
Wow, none of these Steve Jobs lookalike contestants looks anything like Steve Jobs 
Want to help bring #ONA11 together? Sign up to become a volunteer 
Facebook plans to hold “Hackamonths” for its engineers each month starting this summer 
“We hope this rich data of London…brings you that little bit closer to this historic event.” 
Android’s app store will be the same size as Apple’s by this July 
Meet the visual-storytelling arm of the AP 
.@ProPublica, using @documentcloud, compares classified & unclassified versions of Guantánamo ruling 
Via @jeffsonderman: “This story has been updated to include salacious details.” 
Hey, public radio’s Jesse Thorn (@youngamerican) is taking questions in the comments of our piece on him 
So far in 2011, fewer than 50% of @NPR’s iPhone users have listened to audio inside its app 
“Podcasting is filling in that niche that radio wasn’t and isn’t providing.” 
Big news: YouTube’s founders are buying Delicious from Yahoo 
How “The Sound of Young America” host Jesse Thorn turned a radio show into a media empire