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@niemanlab archives: May 2011

Want to understand the debt ceiling? The Washington Post has a neat video graphic explainer 
How Twitter is carefully trying to navigate British privacy laws 
Why the CEO of Cheezburger says the design of news doesn’t meet the way we consume it 
The NYT is offering readers who get free access through Lincoln an iPad subscription for only $35 
What do you do when you’re offline? Tips on publishing news when your site’s down 
What’s it like inside Tumblr? Founder David Karp shares a day in the life 
The British Library is continuing on with its plan to digitize newspapers 
The founder of reservation service Open Table is launching a community information and events network 
How do you review Brook Gladstone’s graphic novel about the media? In a comic, of course. 
NYU is holding a summer conclave on money, tools and community in hyperlocal journalism 
Main Street Connect is launching 32 new local news sites in New York tomorrow 
The NYT’s @brianstelter lessons on reporting and tech from covering the tornado aftermath in Joplin 
The SF Chronicle has launched its iPad app, free for now, and $5.99 a month after 30 days 
PSA: The Boston Globe is looking for a newsroom developer 
London-based Unbound is applying the Kickstarter model to raise money and publish books 
Rolling Stone Publisher Jann Wenner says magazines rushing to the iPad are admitting defeat 
Good morning! While PBS sites were dealing with this weekend’s hacking, Newshour published on Tumblr 
This Week in Review: Twitter confounds censorship, Facebook boosts traffic, Apple gets competition 
The Newport Daily News has had a paywall for two years, but print is still driving its business 
Josh Topolsky on Engadget and his move to SB Nation 
.@NPR continues to push the limits of live remote broadcasting 
How the media handled Sarah Palin’s 2009 “death panel” claims—and why that matters 
#Longreads is getting more social 
How the web is driving the evolution of sportswriting 
Congrats and welcome to the newest class of Nieman Fellows! 
Marc Maron’s WTF moves from podcast to public radio program (with bleeping) 
Memorial Day is upon us. See you Tuesday, everyone — have a great weekend! 
The Newport Daily News’ paywall is celebrating its second birthday. How it’s fared so far: 
Fun fact from This Week in Review: Marshall McLuhan totally predicted journalism’s financial woes 
This is just fantastic: @Guardian goes back to its print roots, cheekily 
Over at @CJR, @CraigSilverman has a great take on LSU’s “death panels’ study 
Lots of great sessions in the schedule for #ONA11 — nice work, @ONAConf! 
From Beet.TV, more on citizen journalism app Meporter’s sponsorship arrangement with Forbes 
The Newport Daily News has had a paywall for two years, but print is still driving its business 
How to: Share photos of your adorable child and/or pet without annoying your friends 
@sivavaid *Especially* the bots. “Great Expectations” will never the same after you’ve heard @grrrl123‘s analysis of it… 
Great #1book140 post from @mathewi: “What if everyone on Twitter read the same book?” 
Love this list from @brainpicker: 5 must-read books about words and language 
Patch’s traffic has nearly doubled since January 
“A shout-out on Twitter — is this the future of diplomacy?” 
Nice: @MargaretAtwood‘s thinking of joining the #1book140 club on The Blind Assassin (via @mathewi) 
The latest citizen journalism app, Meporter, plans to split news licensing revenue with its users 
This Week in Review: Twitter confounds censorship, Facebook boosts traffic, Apple gets competition 
RIP, API: A list of the APIs that Google will be deprecating and shutting down 
“Hackathon for Egypt” leads to a platform for crowdsourcing the country’s new constitution (via @digiphile) 
Good morning! Facebook is developing ways to share media content: music, video, and news 
The #longreads challenge: Can a hashtag make money? 
We interviewed Josh Topolsky about Engadget and his move to SB Nation 
How to win the New Yorker cartoon caption contest: Be in New York 
Why every student should learn journalism skills