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@niemanlab archives: May 23, 2011

How the web is driving the evolution of sportswriting 
.@CaliforniaWatch leader on the lawsuit leveled against it: “To this day, we can’t quite figure out why they sued us” 
.@NPR continues to push the limits of live remote broadcasting 
PSA, everyone: @motherjones has two jobs open, research editor and copy editor 
Today’s most popular stories on Twitter 
RT @NiemanReports: What’s in the Berkman Center’s media cloud? 
RT @brainpicker: Trailer for PBS Frontline’s WikiSecrets, the promising new docu-segment on Wikileaks and Assange 
“Traditional values, extraordinary deals”: Glenn Beck is the latest entrant in the Groupon game 
How sportswriting is taking over the web 
Foursquare’s reportedly in talks to integrate Groupon Now notifications (via @BenLaMothe) 
Fascinating (esp. for news producers): new research on why food labeled “healthy” seems unsatisfying 
The Musalman: “probably the last handwritten newspaper in the world” (via @kleinmatic) 
Reporting live from the scene of breaking news…on an iPhone 
RT @nytimes This week, @LHeron & @LexiNYT will be tweeting from this account. What do you want to see from us? 
Google ad exec: TV/web convergence could set the stage for an explosion in online display advertising 
Pro-collaboration, anti-inertia: Meet the new “open scientists” 
Nice-looking redesign, @allthingsd! 
Good morning! On the Nook Color, women’s mag sales rival—and in some cases surpass—sales on the iPad