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@niemanlab archives: May 26, 2011

The #longreads challenge: Can a hashtag make money? 
We interviewed Josh Topolsky about Engadget and his move to SB Nation 
How to win the New Yorker cartoon caption contest: Be in New York 
Why every student should learn journalism skills 
“Words like ‘local’ and ‘niche’ characterize Dallas-Fort Worth media the way keratin defines a Texas longhorn.” 
PSA: @NYMag is hiring a social-media manager 
How the media handled Sarah Palin’s 2009 “death panel” claims and why it matters 
TPM got a C&D notice from the New York Stock Exchange after running a wire photo of the trading floor 
Reuters: Morgan Stanley will allow a test group of brokers to start tweeting next month 
#Longreads is getting more social 
The Huffington Post launches HuffPost Canada 
Correx to previous tweet: It’s two Groupon *founders* who’ve invested in Benziga (thx, @FelixSalmon @LaurenGoode) 
In other Groupon news, the company has made a $1.5 million investment in Benzinga, a financial news site 
The Boston Globe is getting in on the Groupon competition 
Topolsky and Bankoff on Engadget, SB Nation, and the new tech site that’s bringing them together 
Good morning! The @FreeNYTimes feed appears to be shut