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@niemanlab archives: May 2011

PSA, everyone: @motherjones has two jobs open, research editor and copy editor 
Today’s most popular stories on Twitter 
RT @NiemanReports: What’s in the Berkman Center’s media cloud? 
RT @brainpicker: Trailer for PBS Frontline’s WikiSecrets, the promising new docu-segment on Wikileaks and Assange 
“Traditional values, extraordinary deals”: Glenn Beck is the latest entrant in the Groupon game 
How sportswriting is taking over the web 
Foursquare’s reportedly in talks to integrate Groupon Now notifications (via @BenLaMothe) 
Fascinating (esp. for news producers): new research on why food labeled “healthy” seems unsatisfying 
The Musalman: “probably the last handwritten newspaper in the world” (via @kleinmatic) 
Reporting live from the scene of breaking news…on an iPhone 
RT @nytimes This week, @LHeron & @LexiNYT will be tweeting from this account. What do you want to see from us? 
Google ad exec: TV/web convergence could set the stage for an explosion in online display advertising 
Pro-collaboration, anti-inertia: Meet the new “open scientists” 
Nice-looking redesign, @allthingsd! 
Good morning! On the Nook Color, women’s mag sales rival—and in some cases surpass—sales on the iPad 
This week in review: So, um, does Twitter make you stupid? 
The newsonomics of the missing link 
The Conversation, the startup Australian news site, wants to bring academic expertise to breaking news 
If you missed it: We launched Encyclo, our encyclopedia of the future of news, and want your help improving 
How Conor Friedersdorf created a magazine-club experience through his “Best of Journalism” list 
How our bits shape us: James Gleick’s “The Information” 
Columbia’s J-school will launch The New York World, its accountability-focused news site, this summer 
Moneyball and paywalls: Lessons on paid content from smaller papers 
MT @brainpicker: Where Are The Jobs? Annotated heat map of (un)employment (PDF) 
Ebooks may be a way to revive out-of-print tree-books 
Internet TV appears to be eating away at cable TV’s market share 
The creator of Publish2 says he knows how to make it easy for newspapers to link out 
Amy Ellis Nutt on writing a Pulitzer-winning story: tell “readers something they don’t know” (via @niemanstory
Farmer and ag writer Tom Philpott is joining @MotherJones to launch a blog on the politics of food 
An eye-tracking study finds paper beats iPad at keeping a reader’s attention, but “gaze patterns” are identical 
Midday diversion: Stephen Colbert “thanks” Facebook for adding brand-name tagging to photos (2:10 mark) 
What is journalism worth paying for? “Free carries a price” 
NPR’s proposal to raise station fees for digital services is “a new virtual variety of sticker shock” 
This week in review: What Twitter does to us, Google News gets more local, and making links routine 
TMZ’s chief is criticizing “traditional media” CNN over a key detail in its Schwarzenegger coverage 
Google is abandoning its attempt to scan and archive all the world’s newspapers 
HuffPost broke a big story, but the press didn’t seem to notice 
The White House says the decision to keep the Boston Herald out of a local press pool was a matter of fairness 
The Atlantic Wire may continue its experiment editing out in the open #HowTheBlogSausageisMade 
How should you verify user generated content? Here’s how the BBC does it 
“They no longer have to store 57 years — 682 issues — of Playboy under their mattress” 
Academic rigour, journalistic flair: Why The Conversation uses academics to break news 
How’s this for an interactive graphic: Slate’s guide to Gen. David Petraeus’ medals, ribbons and stars 
Developers jump on this: USA Today has released a Census API 
Duke University’s Reporter Lab is looking for a developer to create tools for investigative journalism 
With apps like Flipboard and Zite should publishers worry about audience and advertiser loyalty? 
The FCC is planning a chat with Google, Apple and others over location tracking on smartphones 
Newsonomics: How the tablet is the missing link between engagement, revenue and circulation 
How an Australian news site wants to bring academic perspectives into breaking news 
PSA: The Atlantic is looking for an editor to lead a new site and work with Richard Florida