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@niemanlab archives: June 2011

RT @NiemanReports: If you’re interested in foreign news, you’d better put this @berkmancenter event in your calendar 
It’s been a year since Google News’ big redesign. How it’s currently thinking about news presentation: 
RT @lheron: White House will use @massrelevance & a team of curators to choose Qs for Twitter “town hall” 
PSA: Lots of positions open right now at Southern California Public Radio 
A “newsy” sweet spot between Twitter and Facebook: @jenny8lee‘s take on Google+ Sparks 
The Tiziano Project gets #NewsChallenge funding to bring professional tools to amateur journos 
“It seems my dignity can be bought for the low, low price of $8″: @noreenmalone‘s week of Groupon 
MT @whitehouse: 1st Twitter @townhall w/ Pres Obama at the WH on 7/6 @ 2ET. #AskObama Qs on the economy & jobs: 
FrontlineSMS aims to connects people in places where the web is out of reach 
Today’s @NYTimes Room for Debate was organized by a reader. “More of that kind of thing to come,” says @andyrNYT. 
RT @pfeiffer44: Big announcement coming today re POTUS and twitter. Watch @whitehouse for the announcement 
Guardian, Daily Mail, and BBC are planning a British (news) invasion 
The correct link for @onthemedia‘s snazzy redesign: 
Snazzy site redesign, @onthemedia! 
.@chucktodd: “Do I think The New York Times is more influential because of the Internet? Yes.” 
Can you crowdsource curiosity? @Apture‘s giving it a shot 
Good morning! Could Twitter have saved “Arrested Development”? 
Crowdsourced context! Very, very cool new feature from @Apture 
WESH-TV’s Casey Anthony coverage leads to one of the top paid news apps in the App Store 
Google’s now highlighting authors in its search returns. Why that’s a big deal: 
The Register Citizen is inviting community members to participate in daily “online story meetings” 
MT @jonathanstray: The Johnny Cash project: Best Internet-enabled collaborative artwork I’ve yet seen. 
.@AP has reached an agreement with the Korea Central News Agency to establish a news bureau in Pyongyang 
Canadian Press & New Zealand Press Association: A look at how the news co-op business model is changing 
The new way to rebut a story? Buy up a Promoted Tweet on Twitter 
How did Orlando’s WESH-TV get to the top of the paid news apps in the app store? Casey Anthony 
Seems @Biz is not all that happy about Twitter appearing to be buddies with the State Department 
The journalist is a swing dancer: Google now highlights authors in its search returns 
When Jill Abramson takes over the NYT this fall, is holding onto staff her first priority? 
Canadian Press & New Zealand Press Association: A look at how the news co-op business model is changing 
Oprah’s book club is making the leap to digital in a new edition of the O Magazine iPad app 
If a league lockout happens won’t be able to to show videos or photos of players 
Good morning! Village Voice staffers plan to continue to publish on Tumblr if they have to strike 
The pope tweeted. 
Chesapeake Energy fights bad PR by buying Promoted Tweets on Twitter 
An English professor laments Twitter’s effect on his students’ writing, a fusion of “slivers” 
From @brainpicker, 7 platforms changing the future of publishing 
Google’s + demo is interesting if for nothing else than the big, zoomable image 
Spending Stories, #NewsChallenge winner, wants to bring context to fiscal information 
Blogger Ed Yong asks, “Am I a science journalist?” 
Our Kling profile: MT @andrewhaeg: APM CEO Bill Kling addresses the troops one last time 
Google plans for “second phase of the display ad revolution” with a focus on mobile 
The @knightfdn awards $200k to @ONA to develop business and technology partnerships has launched an ad network, powered by your data 
#NewsChallenge winner Poderopedia is like Wikipedia + Klout for government 
Good morning! Americans have regained some confidence in newspapers, TV news, according to Gallup 
This is a tweet about how best to use Twitter. #TfN #meta #yourewelcome 
.@Mathewi to the media: “We are all brands now, so get used to it.” 
.@higherawesome wins a #NewsChallenge grant to promote community awesomeness 
ScraperWiki is planning a British invasion (of data journalism)