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@niemanlab archives: July 2011

A superhero can’t fix the debt crisis, but he can explain it 
Questions for Baratunde Thurston: What The Onion can teach real news organizations about social media 
Why The Atlantic joined up with Pulse — and what the app’s usage stats can tell data-hungry publishers 
The newsonomics of Netflix and the digital shift’s most looked-up words for 2011 are…even more morose than last year’s list 
The Staff Recommends turns book suggestions and advertorials into a potential business model 
Designing a big news site is about more than beauty 
NewsTrust dives into the fact-check business with expanded Truthsquad 
For the Texas Tribune, “events are journalism” — and money makers 
Vadim Lavrusik: Five key building blocks to incorporate as we’re rethinking the structure of stories 
A week of design debate, mogul-watching, and more: Have a great weekend, everyone! 
Move over, Spaghetti Western! Here is a Cereal Western. About Marshall McLuhan. (via @jonathanstray) 
“That’s a different level, when you don’t even prompt the collaboration with the audience—they just run with it.” 
PSA: @TheAtlantic is looking for an associate editor for its Business channel 
WANT. RT @fmanjoo: A Desk That Lets You Sit or Stand. My @Slate video on my @GeekDesk, which I love love love. 
There’s now a section of the Google+ center dedicated to the project’s feature updates 
Tablet and mobile now account for 22% of the FT’s web traffic (and 15% of new subscriptions) 
Rock the Kayak? Google introduces hotel search 
RT @marcfrons: Times Skimmer now has full-screen photo slideshows. They look amazing: 
What @TheOnion can teach serious news orgs (seriously!): Serious wisdom from @baratunde 
Sometimes the best way to explain something is through an old-school Q&A (via @NYT_JenPreston) 
Awesomeness, via @tcarmody: A Brief History of Apple Not Buying Things 
This Week in Review: Design and the NYT, Google+ growing pains, and more 
The World Almanac of the future: portable, data-driven, and produced by a news org 
.@Stevebuttry: “Is it better to be first or right?” isn’t the right question 
Good morning! Are hyperlocals changing the anonymity equation? 
NYTers swap smartphones, feature the randomnest cameo ever (via @brainpicker @nickbilton) 
Smartphone users launch Pulse’s app twice as often as tablet users—but tablet users keep it open twice as long 
After five years, the WaPo’s Date Lab matchmaking service has 4,000+ applicants in its database 
“The print world ends not with a bang, but with price increase after price increase.” 
Twitter ads will now show up in user timelines 
Pulse: a trove a usage data for publishers 
RT @NiemanReports: Gut check time: @niemanstory presents this handy truthiness test for memoirs 
The streaming public: A Michigan news site defines communities through the water they share 
What news publishers can learn from Netflix’s bold move 
Report: Google Analytics has changed how they report Google Image search traffic (via @simondumenco) 
RT @ericuman: Loving handy little extension that automatically creates ‘single page’ views for articles: 
Good morning! 89% of Hulu users watch the service’s content directly on computers 
First the Red Skull, now the debt ceiling: Captain America as the explainer-in-chief for @NationalJournal 
The Association of Alternative Newsweeklies is now the Association of Alternative Newsmedia 
Our dyspeptic and quixotic times: NYT releases this year’s most looked-up words list 
And now for something completely different, a design interlude involving doggies 
Can the advertorial be viable business model? Book suggestion site The Staff Recommends will find out 
Explainers Assemble! How Captain America is helping break down the debt ceiling for @NationalJournal 
Ever wondered “what was that book I heard about on NPR?” They’ve now got a books site 
The NYTimes most looked-up words are back! And…surprisingly morose. 
When a journalist jumps to another outlet, should they be able to keep their Twitter followers? 
A salute to one of journalists most beloved technologies: The IBM Selectric 
The NYTimes is now selling subscriptions through their iPhone app