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@niemanlab archives: September 2011

The Boston Globe website will remain free through mid-October while some bugs are squashed 
How social media can turn “we don’t know” into an opportunity, not a barrier 
Rise of the Zuckerverb: “There was something charming about the jittery young fellow announcing his conquest.” 
Safety (and money?) in numbers: Chicago community sites launch an ad network 
Seen @NiemanLabFuego lately? Our hard-working robot serves up the most talked-about links in journalism 
Starting tomorrow the Dallas Morning News is lowering its paywall for Rick Perry coverage via @TheoTypes 
This Week in Review: Amazon’s on Fire, Facebook’s in hot water 
“Someone really, really wanted people to be able to read that week’s newspaper, or someone really, really did not” 
The tl;dw version of our 1.5-hour #NiemanGlobe event video… condensed to 2 minutes 
Good morning! A market research firm estimates Twitter will hit $400m in ad revenue by 2013 
What the Kindle Fire means for…advertising 
Place your bets carefully: The newsonomics of disruption 
Here’s WaPo chairman Don Graham talking about the paper’s new Social Reader app 
Google Analytics! Now available in “Real-Time,” “Premium”! 
A clean @Slate: Today’s relaunch is the culmination of more than a year of self-reinvention [fixed typo] 
A clean @Slate: Today’s relaunch culminates in more than a year of self-reinvention 
.@GeneWeingarten talks to @niemanstory about the best story he ever wrote 
Primetime’s still prime when it comes to digital media consumption 
PSA: @AP is looking for an Interactive Producer (based in New York) 
.@Slate replaces Gutenberg, its “Volvo station wagon of CMSes,” with a newer model 
Today’s Serendipity Day #2 at @NPR Digital (More on that:
Nice post from @jeffsonderman on the (big, problematic) implications of “frictionless sharing” 
.@kdoctor: 2011 may well be remembered as a short time of innocence in the tablet news landscape 
RT @shiralazar: best no tweeting sign ever! 
.@felixsalmon on Business Insider, over-aggregation, and the “more-is-more approach” to web publishing 
Dept. of Money Where Your Mouth Is: Guardian columnist reveals his salary in the interest of transparency 
Does Amazon’s Silk browser represent another threat to user privacy on the web? (via @mathewi
“The advent of the Kindle Fire will impact every business engaged in advertising.” 
Kindle Fire will be hugely disruptive to the news industry…but not for for the reason you think 
Nieman Fellow @dskok on why we need to separate the tools of storytelling from the story 
Was the Arab Spring the best, and worst, thing to happen to Al Jazeera? 
PSA: CNN is looking for a mobile editor 
Missed our #NiemanGlobe event? We’ve got video of the discussion on the new 
Points matter: Groupon is rolling out a loyalty club with perks for customers 
The Atlantic is doing a Twitter-chat with Taylor Branch about “The Shame of College Sports” piece 
Traffic for Patch sites is up 250 percent and they plan to be in 1,000 locations by year’s end 
According to a new survey from Pew most people still get breaking news from TV 
Dish TV: The Daily Beast has started a video series to ask questions to Andrew Sullivan 
The Citizen Media Law Project and Center for Sustainable Journalism are holding a media law event Oct. 22 
Why alternative newspapers are embracing the new long form movement 
Is Twitter getting boxed out of being an information network by Facebook and Google+? 
Google is starting an innovation hub in London’s “Silicon Roundabout” 
Digital subscriptions for magazines are up, 300,000 for Hearst and 500,000 for Conde Nast 
Developers say we’re still a long way off from wide use of HTML5 
Good morning! The Baltimore Sun is launching digital subscriptions next month for $2.49 a month 
An incubator for public media? Yep. 
How Thomson Reuters is using data to rethink what the news story looks like 
An incubator for public media? Yep. 
And….Don Draper presents Facebook Timeline 
The Epiphanator –> The Meaning Machine. @alexismadrigal on Facebook Timeline