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@niemanlab archives: November 2011

Facebook is upping the limit for status updates to *60,000 characters* (that would be 429 tweets) 
Errol Morris used to be a private detective — or, in his words, “a paid epistemologist.” 
Time Inc. University trains employees in the latest tools, techniques and transformations in media 
Are we closing in on a Pulitzer Prize for tweets? 
“By my loose estimate, out of…15,000 people who work in public broadcasting there are fewer than 100 full-time coders.” 
With a new API, Spotify is now a platform 
ProPublica gets a big endorsement… from Robert Redford 
Dan @froomkin: When candidates lie, what’s a political reporter to do? (from our sister site, @NiemanWatchdog
To jump-start adoption of HTML5, @Jilion is opening up its video player for free and unlimited use 
Google rolls out YouTube Analytics today 
Errol Morris on the art of the interview and the value of curiosity, skepticism 
McDonald’s has Hamburger U. Why not a Time Inc. j-school? 
…Matt Rosoff thinks slideshows can be an effective way to tell stories [RESPONSE] 
MG Siegler is really annoyed by the article-as-slideshow… [RANT] 
RT @kailanikm: Brian Williams is such a champ, staying calm as a fire alarm rang throughout his show: 
Good morning! The Guardian says its Facebook app is delivering an extra million page views per day 
According to Nielsen 44 % of US mobile subscribers now have a smartphone, 
Is the day when apps and digital editions cannibalize print subscriptions in the near, or distant future? 
The future of social media and the internet…is in the tiny printing business. 
Google is taking maps indoors. But only on Android for now 
The latest “Why’s this so good?” from @niemanstory: a look at @hankstuever’s 9 o’clock and 9/11
USA Today goes live with Facebook comments today 
Users will now need to give “express consent” before Facebook can make changes that override privacy preferences 
Right on, Roseann! After 32 years in print, a newsroom veteran jumps to a digital-only job 
PSA: The Atlantic’s newest site, Atlantic Cities, is looking for another writer blogs now have an option for revenue-sharing ads 
Google is sponsoring a new contest to promote data journalism 
As tablets increase a there’s a new debate among magazines: Are simpler reading apps better? 
The Washington Post social reader has 3.5 million users, most under the age of 35 
Good morning! More than 4 million pages from 18th – 19th century British newspapers are now online 
“If sales numbers really are impressive, shout them from the rooftops!” 
Google’s deal to buy AdMeld looks like it’s (finally!) ready to close 
The two-speed approach to the journalism startup 
Toward a unified theory of The Economist’s crazy success 
RT @lheron: Today’s Google Doodle in Egypt depicts #egyelections: h/t @rashaabdulla 
Aggregation? Over-aggregation? What matters is the user experience. 
RT @felixsalmon: Kahneman: “Emergent weirdness is a good bet.” 
Hey, Amazon: Would it kill you to share your Kindle sales numbers? 
UK Chancellor George Osborne is set to announce a “major open data push” (via @webfoundation
WikiLeaks postpones today’s scheduled launch of its re-engineered submission system 
Good morning! JRC’s New Haven Register reorganizes to emphasize investigation and engagement 
In praise of impractical programming 
White magic for black Friday: Why hacker-journalism could use some impracticality 
As we begin this Thanksgiving weekend, advice from the Lab: Careful deep frying your turkey 
The Huffington Post in print? Yes, in The Harlan (KY) Daily Enterprise 
“Specs should be in service to the user experience, and in Romenesko’s case, the user experience was good.” 
The joys of impractical coding, or how I learned to stop worrying and enjoy other programming languages 
Good to know: For app buying purposes, prices tend to drop on closer to the weekend 
Romenesko as user experience: a new way to think about aggregation 
Goodbye Google Wave, truly, you were a candle in the wind